Let's Celebrate YOUnique Heroes!

Who is your YOUnique Hero?

Can someone be a hero because they are different and unique? Can living their life this way, standing up for what they believe in and staying true to themselves inspire people? YES! FOREO as a brand that stands for equality, diversity and inclusivity believes in that. In a bustling multicultural environment, we want to celebrate YOUniqueness and we want you to join us.

We all have our own YOUnique Heroes. The brave individuals - or even groups - who inspire, lead by example, dare to be different, break new ground. Those who stand for all the right values, defend the weak, help those in need, make sacrifices.

Those who make the world a better place.

Perhaps it's a COVID nurse you know, an LGBTQ+ activist, a mother of five who works two jobs, a firefighter who saved a family - and their puppy - from a burning building?

We all know these Heroes.

Now’s the time to celebrate them and thank them!

We have prepared something special for five most inspiring heroes.

Tell us who your YOUnique Hero is and share the inspiration!

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Please note that in case you are sharing any personal data of the person that you are nominating (information that can't be found publicly), you need to have permission from the person that you are nominating to share their information with us (Foreo). If you are sharing information that is publicly available to you, then you don't need to have their permission.

Please make sure to read the explanation about personal data before confirming.
Stay tuned and help us celebrate YOUnique Heroes!

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You have to be 18 or older to participate in the contest. Full list of Terms & Conditions can be found here.

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