We dare you to…

Join a community of people who are fed up with being told who they’re supposed to be, what they’re supposed to look like, and how they should behave. Together we can lift each other up, celebrate the brave, and help those bold enough to break the mold. Let our community inspire you to accept and appreciate all the special things that make you YOU.

This is a safe space for everyone who ever felt like they don’t fit in — baby, you were born to stand out. Dare to inspire others by being unapologetically yourself.

Dare to be YOU,
FOREO Sweden

Celebrate your courage
Celebrate your courage

Dare to get inspired

Be colorful and vibrant and enjoy yourself.


Our unique view of life makes us who we are.

Samantha Ballentines

Your face is a blank canvas, paint your own story.


Art helps me to find meaning to life although it always doesn’t make sense.



Dare to be a rule breaker

Determined to change the beauty game, we created something special for the rule breakers, art makers, and ground shakers. All those brave and beautiful individuals inspired us to design an exclusive edition of our LUNA 3.

There are only a hundred of these devices and each is a piece of art, hand-crafted with love, resulting in every product being truly unique with its exclusive pattern. We gave out these special devices to truly special individuals — those with proud voices, unique personalities and one common goal: to push the boundaries of conventional beauty standards.

Dare to be a rule breaker
Dare to be a rule breaker

Dare to be a hero

A special thank you to the incredible people whose courageous stories kicked things off and
inspired us all — YOUnique heroes!

We looked all over the world for inspiring individuals who teach us that there are infinite ways to
be beautifully yourself. And with your help and guidance we found 5 brilliant people who are
changing the world, one act of kindness at a time.

Louise, @neurodivergent_lou

As a 19 year old autistic, my mission is to document my journey & try to make change along the way. People can learn about autism by following autistic people.

Mark Bryan, @markbryan911

"I'm straight, cis man, married, have grandkids, an engineer & football coach. I'm still the same person regardless of what I wear. Daily must-have: stilettos!"

Phoenix Pasquale, @frivolousfrillz

I try my best to be honest by sharing some of the deepest parts of myself within my poetry. I hope that someone, somewhere will relate to my work.

Rebekah Bruesehoff,@therealrebekah

Rebecca is a 14 yr. old advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. At 8 she realized she was transgender. “Being who you are is an incredible gift to yourself & the world!”

Alexy Vivie, @alexyvivilifestyle

Being a mum while doing it all is not easy.We should accept that with an important life as our child's everything will change and you can’t do it all as before.