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Spare bis zu 50%

Spare bis zu 50%

FOREO Imagination

Die perfekte Basis für DIY Masken

Kreiere die natürlich cremige selbstgemachte Maske deiner Träume

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FOREO's UFO uses LED technology and hot and cold sonic waves to stimulate skin cells and boost the penetrative prowess of face mask ingredients.

If a microcurrent device and a vibrating jade roller had a baby, this would be their extremely beautiful and talented progeny. It delivers the results of a microcurrent facial and lymphatic drainage treatment at the same time, and I have a theory that's why the effect is so noticeable even after one use.

As someone who regularly gets tension headaches, this little device has been heaven sent. Seriously, I not only use it around my eye area, but on my temples, jaw, and my sinus area. It dramatically helps with reducing tension. Honestly, it's become one of my favorite parts of my routine.

FOREO have quickly become one of the biggest names within beauty because of its signature tools. Designed and developed for different skin types and complexions, the tool is a favorite that is guaranteed to become an addition to your beauty routine.

And, not to be dramatic, but it has been a literal skin-changer. After over a year of using the product twice a day, my skin is nearly acne-free (I’ve now only dealt with the occasional hormonal breakout) and my skin age, according to the app, is now -1 years.

ISSA mini 3

Stark gegen Plaque, sanft zum Zahnfleisch

Die 4-in-1-Silikon-Sonic-Zahnbürste für mühelose Mundpflege!

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I take care of my skin to the nth degree. I am pretty fair skinned & spend all my time out in the sun, which is unfortunate, I wear a lot of sunscreen, so I need to get that off. The LUNA mini 3 is an everyday thing.

Feels like I am literally at the spa! UFO 2 makes you feel like you are having a massage & it's so nourishing.

When my eyes get puffy, I pull out my FOREO IRIS massager — it mimics the tapping used in traditional Asian skin care. It looks like a vibrator, so I call it my 'eyebrator.' [laughs] I get funny looks when I use it in the back of a car or when I go through customs at the airport, but it's so soothing.

The high-tech beauty device allows me to maintain my healty glow and with its app-enabled feature, I can customize my routine.

...when I use the LUNA mini 2 and put on my cleanser, before I even take a shower, it just brings the blood supply to my skin, and you know...it just helps everything settle faster in the morning.

Every day, I wash my face using the Kora Organics Cream Cleanser and the FOREO LUNA mini 2 pink, for an extra deep cleanse.


Die Face-Yoga Zukunft

Das 2-Minuten Facelift für sofort straffere, strahlendere und jünger-aussehende Haut

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Gut fühlen, gut aussehen

Die meist prämierte Beauty-Tech Marke, gemacht von enthusiastischen Menschen, geliebt von Profis, Stars und Influencern auf der ganzen Welt.

Alex Gonzaga

Trevor Ritchie

Paris Hilton

Rita Ora


Ryan Libbey


Professionelle Reinigung

Entfernt bis zu 99,5%* Schmutz,
Öl, Schweiß & Make-up Rückstände
in nur 1 Min!

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NOV 2, 2021

Thanks to FOREO and Klarna It’s Easy to Love Your Face

Two of Sweden’s largest innovation houses, FOREO and Klarna, join forces to announce the collaboration to help you love your face.

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Aufladbares 2-Minuten Facial

Das weltweit erste professionelle Beauty-Spa im Taschenformat!

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