1 ultra-smart device.

Infinite possibilities.

Turn up the heat on your skincare routine

Purify, firm & tighten in 2 simple steps

Unparalleled Thermal Cleansing

T-Sonic pulsations and long, soft, silicone touchpoints work together with our Thermo-Tech to provide a deep, yet gentle heated facial cleanse at the perfect temperature for your skin.









Targeted Microcurrent

Available exclusively through the FOREO app, microcurrent gently stimulates skin with low-level electrical energy to help firm and plump for a youthful glow.

T-Sonic pulsations

8,000 pulsations per minute at 16 different speeds help remove unwanted dirt, oil and makeup residue from skin.

Extra-soft silicone

Silky-smooth silicone that’s 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles & suitable for all skin types and BPA & phthalate free.

Smart Swedish design

100% waterproof with no replacement brush heads required. 1 USB charge provides up to 125 uses. 

FOREO for You app

Enjoy various microcurrent treatments, plus automatically sync your preferred cleansing intensity, temperature and microcurrent level.

How to use

To unlock and register your device for first time use, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and press the universal button on your LUNA 3 plus to sync to the FOREO app.

Download the FOREO For You app to set up your device.



Cleansing mode


Remove all makeup, dampen skin and then apply the FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser.


Press universal button again to activate cleansing mode.


Cleanse using circular movements on cheeks and forehead, gliding up and down the nose.


Press and hold button for three seconds to turn off device.


Rinse and pat your face dry.

Before using microcurrent mode, make sure your LUNA 3 plus is completely dry for safe and effective use.

Microcurrent mode


Apply FOREO Serum to clean, dry skin.


Follow instructions in the FOREO app to activate your preferred microcurrent treatment.


Follow with moisturizer of your choice.