The skincare innovation
that broke the internet

A mini to the max

It’s been a while, but it’s finally here – our new and improved LUNA mini 3!

We took all the things you love about LUNA mini 2 then added some awesome surprises. Keep on scrolling to see all the new whats and whys. We’re pretty sure it’s going to glow you away.

Superior Tech,
Superior Results

All-Day Glow

Quick-press Glow Boost cleansing mode gives you clean, glowing skin in only half a minute.

Find My LUNA

Track down your LUNA when it’s playing hide-and-seek.

FOREO For You App

Our app keeps your LUNA mini 3 updated with all the latest tech.

T-Sonic™ Cleansing

With 8000 T-Sonic™ pulsations per minute, LUNA mini 3 goes deep to remove 99.5% of dirt, oil, sweat and dead skin.

Smart Swedish Design

Elegant, modern design is 100% waterproof.

Super-Soft Skin

LUNA mini 3’s silicone touchpoints are 25% softer, meaning you get a much gentler clean.

35x Hygienic

Than nylon bristle brushes.

Light Weight

Convenient size and lighter weight make LUNA mini 3 super easy to tuck into your purse or gym bag.

Glow Boost:
From go to glow
in thirty seconds

LUNA mini 3’s Glow Boost function is the fastest, gentlest way to a deep, natural glow. LM3’s longer silicone bristles reach deeper than all previous LUNA mini models to get your skin cleaner, faster.          

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Find My LUNA

If you ever happen to misplace your LUNA mini 3, the FOREO For You app has you covered. Simply click on the app’s Find My LUNA function and your LUNA will let you know where it’s hiding by vibrating like crazy. If only it worked for your lost car keys!

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How to use


Connect your LUNA mini 3 to the FOREO app via Bluetooth (you must unlock LUNA mini 3 before using it for the first time).


Dampen your face, apply your favorite cleanser to your LUNA mini 3 and hit the start button.


Glide LUNA mini 3’s touchpoints in circular motions over your face until the built-in timer shuts it off.


Rinse LUNA mini 3, pat-dry your face and continue with your skincare routine.

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FOREO_LUNA_mini_3_Pearl_Pink_front FOREO_LUNA_mini_3_Pearl_Pink_back FOREO_LUNA_mini_3_Pearl_Pink_box
FOREO_LUNA_mini_3_Pearl_Pink_front FOREO_LUNA_mini_3_Pearl_Pink_back FOREO_LUNA_mini_3_Pearl_Pink_box

LUNA mini 3

Facial massager and cleanser in one

LUNA mini 3 is an upgraded T-Sonic™ facial cleansing massager with twelve adjustable massage intensities and a dual cleansing surface for a fully customizable skincare experience. The new Swedish design features a larger brush head, app connectivity and softer, longer touchpoints. Add them up and you get one thing: a way better and way deeper cleanse.

Choose color: Pearl Pink

$ 159
FREE SHIPPING Within 3-5 days
WARRANTY 2 years