Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

Over the past few years we were inspired by people that became FOREO family and this is why we’d like to introduce them to you.

One of the funniest and most outspoken women on the internet and YouTube’s biggest regional star, Noor is a powerhouse that consistently delights her fans with her hilarious and honest content.

Hadia is a successful business woman and a fashion influencer from Egypt that made Dubai her home. She loves working hard with her favourite brands on creative projects, but always finds time for her family.

A lifestyle and travel blogger, Mimi and her husband have stolen the hearts of her followers by providing inspirational and uplifting advice on beauty, travel and lifestyle.

A beauty queen that has taken the region by storm and became the number one source on beauty for her fans. Gorgeous inside and out, Maya continues to take people on a beauty journey as she travels the world.

Inspiring young lady that loves to do good. A fighter for women’s rights, she’s fun, charismatic and loves to laugh. Making people happy is her biggest motivator!

A lover of finer things in life, you can find Tamara exploring the sights and sounds of Dubai, where she’s hosting her TV show! Let’s hear how she spends this special time of the year!

Actor, singer, entertainer, influencer, YouTube star... this young lady has many talents she shares with the world. Her energy, friendliness, exceptional sense of humour and devotion to her family makes her a firm favourite among young people today!

Malakiies is a global traveller with a down-to-earth attitude, living her dream loud and proud. An inspiration for all those who follow her. We are happy to call her family.

A hard-working business woman and a make-up artist that is both creative & modern and connected to her roots. She first burst into scene with her make-up courses and unbiased advice that her fans really can trust, which is why they love her!

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