Hello, I’m Amanda Ramsay, your over 40’s makeup expert and professional makeup artist with over 19 years of experience working with literally thousands of women 40 plus. I’m also 49 and forever seeking the best beauty tools and products for mature skin, that enable and empower women 40 plus to feel fabulous in their own skin. I spent three months trialing the FOREO BEAR microcurrent facial toning device and hydrating conductive SERUM SERUM SERUM and have been totally blown away. Below you’ll find my thoughts, feelings, and of course results from the three-month trial.

Initial Results After First Use

To best describe how my skin looked and felt after one use, I’d say unexpectedly relaxed and pleasantly flushed. The most surprising result for me was just how much stress relief this super beauty tool gave me and my overworked jaw. Darn those muscles are tight! I hold a LOT of tension in my jaw, and am a world-class teeth-clencher like many women my age! FOREO BEAR gave instant relief to this tension. The two-minute program is also a wonderful exercise in mindfulness. Using BEAR for the first time made me acutely aware of just how badly my facial muscles needed some relaxing recuperation.

My first trial of BEAR microcurrent facial toning device with the hydrating and conductive SERUM SERUM SERUM.

Other observations to be mindful of, is that BEAR microcurrent device can be a little zappy if you don’t apply enough serum. But the beauty of loading up on the SERUM SERUM SERUM is all that delicious hyaluronic acid and squalane helps to instantly plump up your skin. My skin looks quite flushed, thanks to the stimulation of blood flow, and instantly more radiant.

1 Month Check-In

I like to think of BEAR as my facial-workout-personal-trainer! She’s all about facial exercising, and improving the elasticity and firmness of your skin all while de-stressing and de-puffing. All in under 2 minutes a day, I was enjoying a full facial workout. After 1 month of consistent use, I’d describe my skin as looking less puffy, particularly around the eye zone. I also found that I felt far less tense… The stress relief was magical. I know I mentioned this earlier but I’m harping on about it as I’m obsessed.

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And last but not least, my skin is looking more radiant. I’ll admit, as a significantly time-poor individual, I wasn’t sure how it would fit into my routine and commenced with some trepidation. And I’m pleased to say I found it really easy to incorporate FOREO BEAR into my skincare routine.

Month 1 check-in with BEAR

Note: I may have been seen making cups of tea while using BEAR, answering one of 500 million questions from my children while using my BEAR, chatting on the phone while using BEAR, taking Zoom meetings while using FOREO BEAR (aren’t Zoom’s great for that?!). You get the idea … she fits in seamlessly with your hectic, time-poor schedule!

3 Month Check-In and Verdict

After 3 months of using my BEAR, my skin looks more radiant and fresh plus feels firmer around the jawline – I did give extra attention to my “jowl-zone”!

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The most surprising benefit of using the World’s safest microcurrent device is, without a doubt, facial stress relief. Me and my jaw-clenching ways are forever thankful to the FOREO BEAR. They call it a personal trainer for your face and they’re not wrong. We carry so much tension in our hard-working facial muscles and exercise is of course the best way to keep them “fit” and healthy… and fit muscles are toned muscles right? Are you with me?!

BEAR exercised and recharged my skin for a super-speedy and super simple energizing facial that fit neatly into this time-poor woman’s beauty regime.  Overall the verdict after 3 months is I shall continue using FOREO BEAR in my daily routine, as the old jowls have enjoyed a bit of a workout, my hooded eyes enjoyed a lift, and the weary muscles of my face thoroughly enjoyed a daily workout! FOREO BEAR is a gem of a beauty tool.

The final verdict: the before & after my 3-month BEAR trial

Keep shining bright beauties and remember aging is a privilege, celebrate it! This is all about aging well, enjoying the age you are, and celebrating beauty at every age. 

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