The lowdown on taking care of acne-prone skin… unmasked!


When it comes to skin issues, few are as barefaced as acne. For starters, it can strike at any age, no matter how healthy your lifestyle. And contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with skin being dirty or unwashed. Even though, at some point, most people reading this will experience acne to varying degrees of severity, it’s still something of a dirty word in the beauty biz.

But the coverup ends here! In other words: less time fretting about a skin problem most of us know all too well – and more focus on how to best take care of the skin you’re in, zits and all! A blemish or two, or few – or many – might make us feel less than stellar. But chances are it’s you – yes, you! – who’s your harshest critic. Ultimately, your skin is amazing. Whatever it’s up to right now, look after it – always.

This post is all about how the right masking ritual can care for acne-prone skin. It’s not a cure – it’s a step that those experiencing acne can take to give their complexion the boost it needs. But before all of that, a 101 on common acne…

What is Acne?

Essentially, acne vulgaris (the medical term for common acne), is what happens when hair follicles get blocked. Beneath the skin’s surface, around the root of each hair, are oil-producing sebaceous glands. These glands can overproduce oil, effectively ‘sealing’ the follicle at or beneath its pore, causing a buildup of bacteria and inflammation. The resulting breakouts can vary in severity from blackheads or whiteheads, through to hard, large, painful lumps, known as cystic acne.

Whichever type you’re experiencing, talk to your doctor or dermatologist, who may prescribe a course of antibiotics to help clear things up. Regardless, a tailored masking routine can complement any medical interventions, optimize your skin – and leave you feeling fantastic! Here’s how UFO can help.

Masking: The Final Frontier

UFO smart mask combines advanced dermal technologies with special Korean mask formulae for a spa-worthy facial in only 90 seconds. It uses something called Hyper-Infusion Technology to boost UFO-Activated Masks’ active ingredients for deeper penetration into the skin, making it much more effective than other masking products.

For acne sufferers, UFO’s warming thermotherapy and cooling cryotherapy are especially interesting. Why? Because applying heat to the skin helps unclog pores, making that oily build-up of sebum all the easier to remove. A blast of cold, meanwhile, has a soothing effect on angry, inflamed skin. But that’s not all…

See the (Blue) Light!

UFO changes the game when it comes to at-home skincare. With infrared lights, set at the optimal wavelength for particular skin conditions, its full-spectrum LED phototherapy puts pro-level treatments quite literally in the palm of users’ hands. In particular, blue LED kills acne-causing bacteria at its source, all the while stimulating blood circulation. Better yet, it’s completely non-invasive, and effective in just 90 seconds.

Matte Maniac UFO Activated Mask

Acne? There’s a Mask for That

In addition to two inbuilt programs, the UFO device connects with the FOREO For You app to unlock all the goodness of a range of UFO-Activated Masks. Of the seven-strong collection, Matte Maniac is a godsend for those of us with oily skin, and in particular, acne. The treatment cycles through blue LED plus warming thermotherapy, followed by FOREO’s signature T-Sonic™ pulsations, finishing with a cooling blast to help soothe skin.

The Answer to Acne?

There are so many misconceptions surrounding this all-too common condition. But let’s be clear: acne is caused by bacteria, not the cleanliness – or lack thereof – of skin. That said, tailored treatments aimed at unclogging breakout-causing sebum, and zapping bacteria at its source will help alleviate symptoms. With UFO, it’ll also make you feel downright gorgeous – and take the very best care of the skin you’re in!