Alien Abduction! (Or What Happened When I Got to Take a UFO Home)

January 24, 2018 • Live Well / Innovation

I seriously love my job.

Sure, I get to work alongside some genuinely amazing people, but the perk people envy most when they hear about my job at FOREO is my role as unofficial product tester. And although I can’t blame them, trust me: it’s not always easy to keep new developments under wraps! Such was the case when I got to test-drive FOREO’s newest beauty-tech gadget: the mysteriously named UFO.

Some background: this one’s been in development since before I even joined, around four years in total. From the very beginning, UFO was intended as a multifunctional skincare device for delivering spa-level therapies at home. However, during its evolution from idea to prototype, something weird happened: the whole world went crazy for facial sheet masks! Well, everyone apart from FOREO, that is – although the trend did help us solidify UFO’s mission:

Facial sheet masks don’t deliver. UFO won’t just be an alternative to the lucrative if pointless sheet mask industry – it will be a definitive replacement to exceed expectations.

Fast-forward to the present, and I’m so proud to report that UFO is even better than I’d imagined!

And judging by feedback from tech-heads, visionaries and thought leaders at this year’s CES in Las Vegas where UFO was finally unleashed, I’m not alone. Currently in production and slated for shipping in April, UFO isn’t just a new way to mask, it’s going to change everything. Before that, though, MYSA editors asked me to share my experience of test-driving UFO…

My Experience with UFO

Right now, UFO is compatible with two distinct treatments, all packaged up in circular microfibre ‘masks’ and activated by the device itself. FOREO is developing more, as well as a UFO app for completely customizable therapies, but for now I’ll share my thoughts about the ‘Make My Day’ treatment.

Its active ingredients look very promising indeed – in particular, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and antioxidant-rich red algae extract.

Rather than apply direct to the face as you would a conventional sheet mask, the discs fit neatly onto UFO’s gold-plated application surface, before being clipped with a snug-fitting plastic ring.

Make My Day

For all of its space-age technology, UFO is remarkably easy to use: to activate the ‘Make My Day’ treatment, just press the on button once. This particular mask starts with a 30-second blast of Thermo-Therapy, with that gold-plated applicator quickly heating up to a comfortable 50°C. It feels pleasant on the skin, and the heat and concurrent red LED light opens pores to maximise absorption of those active ingredients.

Next is 30 seconds of FOREO’s trademark T-Sonic Pulsations, apparently pushing the mask’s beneficial essences deep below the skin’s surface. More relaxing still is the final half-minute therapy: low-frequency pulsations plus green LED light (good for pigmentation and boosting radiance!)

It feels great – not just on the skin, but also to hold (hello, silky-soft silicone!). I’m also impressed that such a diminutive device can do so much in just 90 short seconds.

But how does my skin look? Pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself!

Like many, my skin’s generally not at its best first thing in the morning. It’s blotchy, dull-looking and my under-eye bags puffy. UFO fixed all of that – I’m positively peachy!  

Call it a Night

The second mask, ‘Call it a Night,’ contains ginseng and olive oil for a nourishing evening-time treat. Activated slightly differently from its daytime counterpart, constant red LED light helps boost elasticity, with heat plus pulsations once again driving the mask’s active ingredients into the skin (a process we’re calling Hyper Infusion Therapy). Again, it feels lovely, and at just 90 seconds per treatment, is a realistic routine when all I want to do is hit the hay…

After one week of twice-daily use, I’m forced to reluctantly surrender my prototype UFO – unfortunately before getting to test-drive other features like cooling cryotherapy and blue LED light. I’d never been a fan of face masks – I’m far too fidgety for the sheet kind (staying still for 20 minutes isn’t my idea of fun…), and find clay types too messy. But UFO is a revelation, and I can honestly say my skin has never looked better.

Like I said, I love my job. Thanks FOREO!


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    The men seem to be left out of Foreo Kick Starter. No black, dark blue or gold Foreo products in kick Starter.

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