Has the Age of the Beard really come and gone?

Everyone’s saying beards are over. The backlash doesn’t come as much of a surprise after years of enduring the über beard –  beards grown so thick and full that they take over the face. If it weren’t for the attached body you wouldn’t know there’s a man under there. Cousin It reincarnate.

It hasn’t been a great year for the beard’s PR, either: apparently beards are full of the kind of bacteria you wouldn’t want near your face. And then there’s the final nail in the coffin: hipsters are over. Like really, very, completely over. So does maintaining a beard make you patently uncool?

Relax. Keeping your beard does not make you outdated. The fashion merry-go-round doesn’t have to impact your personal flair. Blindly following the mandates of style whims as they change once again, though, may not be the best decision.


Do you like your beard? Then keep it (just keep it clean, please). Are you tired of your beard? Then shave it. Are you in the mood for a mustache, some big chops, a fu manchu or a clean shave? Go for it. If there’s anything you can learn from taking the L Train, you define your own beauty.

Facial hair is not monolithic. For that matter, neither is physical attractiveness. One woman’s trash is another woman’s Matthew McConaughey. And above and beyond whether and in what manner hair is growing out of your face awaits not a few matters of much more pressing importance: emoji game, fancy sock collection, and grill skills.

If you’re still unsure, do some facial hair soul-searching. Men, take note – here’s a collection of men we love, no matter what facial hair fashion they choose.