Austin Eaton, better known as Benzo The King, is a Kentucky-born model and personal trainer.


Recently, he moved to LA to pursue his modeling career full-time, and his passion for fitness looks like it has paid off – talk about #fitspo. We asked him to share some of his insider secrets for anyone looking to get their bod back in shape:

1. Build a solid warmup routine

When you begin to workout, you are going to need a program. Many people are too worried about the exercises and not concerned about what comes before the workout. Warming up is just as important as the workout itself. Being injured and having to sit on the sidelines for several weeks (or months), can be a major demotivating factor. Find a solid warmup routine that preps you for the workout programmed for that day, get those muscles ready to fire, and increase your heart rate.

2. Figure out the specific reason(s) why you workout

We all know you want to be healthy, look good, and be strong but there’s some underlying reason why that is. Turn all of the negatives into positives. Not only will this help motivate you with staying consistent, but it will also help with your mental health. For example, if medical problems run in your family, you may want to reduce your health risks to make sure you are there for your family, or maybe you lack confidence and seeing progress in the gym helps you to feel good about yourself. Don’t allow these to continue to be stress factors any longer and turn them into what keeps you fired up. You are resilient.

3. Be consistent

Nothing hurts your progress and productivity like continuously creating excuses and skipping out on your workouts. Find a routine that works for you. If you are doing workouts or trying meal plans that are uncomfortable for you or difficult for you to stay on top of; then you have to make changes that best fit you. Binge watching Netflix can wait; don’t worry it’ll be there when you get back from your workout. If you’re too tired after work, try to make arrangements to get a workout in the morning. Not only will you go to work more productive as well as happy, but you’ll get better sleep at night.

4. Find a workout partner with same goals

Having someone to hold you accountable each and every workout will force you to work harder. Make sure the partner is as ambitious as you are and the experience will be exciting, externally motivating and will make you less likely to skip a workout.

5. Get a personal trainer

This one is a given. Having a personal trainer has numerous benefits. Not only will you have confidence and safety in your workout plan, but you’ll also have someone pushing you to your limits at all times. Nothing crushes confidence more than going to the gym and feeling embarrassed because you don’t know if what you’re doing is correct. Working out for months and seeing minimal progress can be just as de-motivating. You can save time and effort by getting a professional to help you move in the right direction sooner. Personal trainers cost money, some more than others, but it’s an investment. An investment in yourself. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like spending money on things that I won’t use. If you’ve already paid for the trainer, that might be the extra push you need to make the trip to the gym.


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