Yes, the holiday season is often stressful, but if you manage to tame this stress monster, this will really be the most wonderful time of the year. To prevent holiday anxiety, discover how to have the best holidays ever.


The first step for the best holidays is relaxation

The year is ending, it is cold and gray outside and you don’t feel all the Christmassy joy that is around you? Well, you’re not the only one who is coping with overwhelming holidays, but there is still a time (and some tips & tricks) to turn this holiday season into the best holidays ever

First of all, take it easy and relax. Did you know that having a “me-time” 15 minutes per day can improve your overall health? You can take a walk, read a book, watch a movie or take a long, hot bathtub. Actually, regular bathtubs will improve your blood circulation, reduce stress level, and also make your skin glow.

Speaking of glowing skin, you should definitely include FOREO products in your daily routine. Not only those are products that are built to last for years, show real results instantly, but also are products that will make you feel extra special every time you use them. It’s definitely something you need in your life, especially during hectic holidays!

A Christmas movie marathon is always a good idea

Now, when you are all relaxed and zen, it is time to spend some time with the people who love you – your family and friends. Organize a Christmas movie marathon with some hot cocoa, sweet cookies underneath warm blankets. It’s so cozy even you think about it that you want to do this long after Christmas is over, right?

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Also, if you are living in a place that will be blessed with snow, don’t skip the outdoor activities with your family. Go out, make a snowman… Spending time with them in the fresh air can do only good for you!

When you give with heart, you receive more than you give

When you give a gift to the people who love or to the people who are in need, it means that you are giving something to yourself – love, kindness, appreciation, joy, and other beautiful emotions. Maybe you should give some gifts to the kids in children’s homes or to the older people in nursing homes. They will be happy, and so will you!

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Be grateful! Be grateful for everything you have in your life: a warm home, beautiful and loving friends and family… To show them how much you care about them, give them a big bear hug with a little something that will cheer them up. And the best way to show them you care is with skincare!

Gifts for your loved ones