It lifts, tightens, and firms your facial skin like a pro! If you want to preserve a skin’s youthful appearance (and who doesn’t), all you need is FOREO’s LUNA 3 plus.

LUNA 3 plus is a device that will give you several beauty treatments. Cleansing, firming massage, microcurrent therapy, and thermotherapy are just some of the features of this unique device.

Thermo-cleansing for maximal effectiveness

But, first things first, so let’s talk about cleansing. LUNA 3 plus, just like any device from LUNA range, removes up to 99.5% of dirt, impurities, makeup residue, etc. But the plus stands for a whole array of added benefits. If you want to take your facial cleansing to a whole new level, we’ve got you covered with our Thermo-Tech that is incorporated in this little magician. Do you want to firm and plump your skin? LUNA 3 plus is here for that, too. It will cleanse and stimulate your skin to bring out the youthful glow that you deserve.

What is so special about it is that its ‘cleansing program’ features 8 thermal touchpoints that heat to the perfect cleansing temperature to melt away impurities from deep within pores.


LUNA 3 plus, heating and toning cleansing brush with micro-current technology

The temperature for your ultimate cleansing experience respects the skin’s natural moisture balance. That means that a gentle heat you’re going to feel while cleansing your face will loosen sebum trapped beneath the surface of the skin, but will not dry it. Also, the proper temperature will enhance the absorption of your cleanser to maximize its effectiveness.

LUNA 3 plus helps you contour your skin

Whit this device, you’ll get a cleanser and lifter in one gadget. After you have cleansed your face, it’s time for some facial exercises with microcurrent therapy. Microcurrent is a safe and painless way to firm skin and define facial features. It emits an extremely low-voltage of electrical currents that mirror your own body’s electrical currents on a cellular. That is going to help refine and contour your skin.

We can say that microcurrent is something like a facial workout. LUNA 3 plus uses two small microcurrent pins that channel extremely powerful energy directly into the skin. The surface of these pins is small which is why is very easy to target precisely the area you want to activate. Each fine line is met with precision care for smoother skin. 


How does microcurrent works?

When you use microcurrent, the skin cells break down and then grow back stronger, the same way your muscles do after lifting weights. While signs of aging are erased in the top layer of your skin, the deepest layer of the skin (called the dermis) works simultaneously to produce a firm and lifted appearance.

LUNA 3 plus’ microcurrent feature is gentle enough for everyday use, morning or evening. For best results, we recommend using the microcurrent function at least 5 days per week, once every 24 hours.

LUNA 3 plus is a skincare game-changer

Having a LUNA 3 plus is like having a spa in the palm of your hand. According to Glamour, LUNA 3 plus is your skincare game-changer. Not only you will enjoy thermo-cleansing and microcurrent treatment, but you can choose LUNA 3 plus depending if you have normal or sensitive skin.

The gadget’s gentle warm sensation, which supposedly expels dirt, oil, and makeup from the pores, provided a very relaxing sensation during usage. I was initially hesitant about the thermal function but overcame my worries since the gadget is shower-proof. The heat was so gentle I eventually increased it by a notch after several uses, says Cadence Loh, the lifestyle editor at yahoo!life.

If you still ask yourself do you need this ultra-smart device with infinite possibilities, check the review below:


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