Close Encounter of the Skincare Kind: UFO Invades The UK

May 3, 2018 • Live Well / Innovation

Straight from the skincare galaxy to the UK.

What better way to celebrate National Alien Day and No Makeup Day than to bring this year’s most anticipated beauty product to the UK for its grand reveal. The FOREO UFO quite literally landed in the United Kingdom on April 25th and April 26th as a giant inflatable UFO that could be seen on the horizon various from locations throughout England including in Bristol, Brighton and London. Following the sighting of many UFO flying saucers, FOREO invited VIP attendees including press, influencers, celebrities and other skincare fanatics to attend the most immersive and interactive event the skincare brand has ever thrown, The UFO Launch Party.

Held in Central London, over 200 guests arrived in style and were met with a FOREO UFO classified pack complete with secret information that could only be seen with special 3D glasses.

Celebrity DJ Whinnie Williams was on the decks playing a supersonic soundtrack while red, green and blue disco lights representing UFO’s LED technology filled the room.

Guests were invited to take a ride on a lifesize FOREO UFO and snap a picture for social media of their space-themed journey!

While sipping on space-themed cocktails, guests entered a curated pick ‘n’ mix style shop where they were treated to a range of FOREO goodies including flying saucer sweets, LUNA play plus, FOREO Day and Night Cleansers, and more.

Guests got to experience the skincare galaxy firsthand with the help of virtual reality goggles that let users simulate walking on the moon or taking part in a space landing.

FOREO’s Celebrity Facialist Nichola Joss (known for taking care of Kate Moss, Natalie Dormer, Meghan Markle, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Gisele Bundchen and Gwyneth Paltrow – to name a few) was on-board to talk through the breakthrough technology in more details:

“The professional beauty industry has been adopting LED technology, cryo and thermo therapy for a while, but we’ve never seen it all in one device and certainly not one that people can use at home. FOREO has taken the best in salon treatments and combined them in this one smart mask device.”

Weren’t able to make it to this star-studded intergalactic experience? Don’t stress! There’s still a chance to experience out-of-this-world skincare in the comfort of your home. Click the link here and take the quiz be in the running to win your own UFO!

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