Up close and personal with LUNA 3

Ever heard the phrase “good things come in threes”? Well innovative beauty technology by FOREO seems to be no different. LUNA 3 recently came out and we’re sure it got you wondering; what’s the big difference between LUNA 3 and it’s predecessor LUNA 2?

Don’t get us wrong, LUNA 2 is still a popular choice among skincare enthusiasts around the world; the soft bristles and large brush head give a clean and feel to the skin that simply feels… different. And with something for everyone‘s skin type, it’s not hard to see why the brush is such a hit. All of these great things about LUNA 2, is what helped capture the hearts of so many, but as a company striving for innovation and to better themselves with each step, there was already something else cooking…

Better, Faster… Softer? 

LUNA 3 pink bristles close up

Out came LUNA 3 and set itself apart, not just by appearance (larger cleansing surface), but in its performance as well. This brush uses longer and softer bristles than LUNA 2, meaning you can get a more gentle cleanse than before, while at the same time targeting all those hard-to-reach places that you somehow keep missing. And the best part is you’ll be able to enjoy that in depth clean for much much longer thanks to LUNA 3’s crazy long battery life (*whispers* one charge means 650 uses ). However, what really sets it apart would have to be the App navigated treatments.


Smart Skincare Is The Future

LUNA 3's arround the FOREO app

Combining LUNA 3 with the FOREO app gives users the ability to create their very own personalized face cleansing treatment. Whether all you’re looking for is a nice cleanse, or you want to lay back and take advantage of some sweet massage treatments is entirely up to you. 

  • Level Up: switch between the 16 intensity levels to create their very own personalized face cleansing treatment. Whether you have sensitive skin that needs only a gentle cleanse, or if you’ve got rougher combination skin that needs a stronger approach, LUNA 3 has you covered.
  • Facial Massage: Everybody loves a good massage, and LUNA 3 can give you just that. Connecting the device to the FOREO app gives you the option to choose among four different facial massages, each targeting a different area of the face. The app then guides you through the massage using visual and auditory assistance so that you know for sure that you’re doing it right!


LUNA 3 vs LUNA 2 In Short: 

For those of you that didn’t feel like reading all the text above, or if you’re just looking for a short list to summarize all the important details we’ve thrown at you so far, here it is:

LUNA 3 vs LUNA 2 summary of differences in bullet points

If you’re still on the fence about which LUNA is the right one for you, and you’ve got a million questions buzzing through your head, take a look at these most frequent questions about LUNA 3 answered. We’ve given you the information you need to make the decision, now it’s up to you; are you team LUNA 2 or team LUNA 3?