Only 100 People in the World Got Their Limited Edition FOREO YOUnique LUNA 3

September 22, 2021 • FOREO Newswire / Products


.Within the “Be YOUnique platform” FOREO YOUnique LUNA 3 got all over the world!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, in order to promote the cause and all those who inspire, lead by example and dare to be different, FOREO has decided to launch its very limited and simply unforgettable YOUnique LUNA in rainbow colors. Read until the end to discover even more surprises for YOU too!


FOREO has sent out these amazing devices to 100 unique individuals around the world, hoping to reward, move and inspire – everyone. It is a special edition of only 100 pieces we have ever made, each with a unique silicone color pattern, given to special individuals selected around the world. They are now sharing their stories so you can check out what is so special about them.

Each one of them had their challenging, hard or unique moments in their lives which didn’t stop them from moving forward, and finding their true self, taking care of themselves, and keep being unique.

These are some of them:

Stories and posts keep coming so we can’t be more excited, and happy! But hey, just because YOUnique LUNA 3 can’t be bought there is no reason to be sad! Fortunately, FOREO products come in so many beautiful pastel colors so you can pick your favorite one, or make a rainbow collecting different FOREO products.


Also, we have a surprise for you! A coupon code for all orders is waiting for you! 10% off everything, including products that are already discounted. How cool is that? Use the code SUMMEREND, and hurry up because the code is valid until October 30th, 2021.

Happy shopping!

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76 responses to “Only 100 People in the World Got Their Limited Edition FOREO YOUnique LUNA 3”

  1. pia says:

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  2. Hong Anh Truong says:

    Be YOUnique❤

  3. Linh Pham says:

    I very love it . It’s very good for me if I have the FOREO LUNA 3

  4. Ngocsuong says:

    I really love that, it’s so attractive and cute. I love Foreo.

  5. Hoa says:

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    I’m ready to try the limited edition FOREO YOUnique LUNA
    I wish i can get it. Pls come to me .

  12. Hong says:

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  14. Hong says:

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  16. Le tran says:

    I love FOREO so so muchhhhhh! Please!!!

  17. HY says:

    I wonder if it is good ?

  18. Nguyet Dang says:

    I wish I could have one, I always want to buy Luna for my special day, the day I have a new house in the new land. And I think Luna limited is the best thing with me. Thanks for this time…

  19. June Vo says:

    Love ❤️

  20. Philla says:

    My skin has been changed since I knew foreo. Cannot imagine how my skin will be on a day without using it. Love foreo so much

  21. Phi le says:

    I love it

  22. Aivy says:

    I use this product. I like it. Good luck to me and 99 other people.

  23. Katrina says:

    Love Foreo! I’ve had the very first version of it when it was introduced to me way back 2015. I have the LUNA mini 1. And it still works upto now but I just had to buy the next version now because I just live how foreo helped my skin to look and feel good. I ahd to but the Espada and the ufo mini too!

  24. Vu Do says:

    I love can i get it???

  25. Nguyet Ngo says:

    it’s great to experience foreo, it works great for my face skin, very clean and smooth

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  27. Natalia says:

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  28. Sahra Schiess says:

    Be YOUnique ! Be You !

  29. Tam Ngo says:

    The essence of my skincare routine

  30. Hanah says:

    My skin is better since I used Foreo. Luna mini. The first choice for skincare appliances that I will recommend if you ask me. Love Foreo

  31. Dayna says:

    Love it

  32. Kelly says:

    I want to try it Foreo

  33. Yen Tu says:

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  34. Nhu says:

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  40. Jade doan says:

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  41. Moon says:

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  42. Yin Nguyen says:

    I had one from foreo, but it’s to small and now we have one thing special and support us like this, love it and want it too, i hope i can get this ” SPECIAL ” for me!!!. Thankfully and hope!

  43. Elle đg says:

    I wish I can have one for my collection FOREO
    FOREO is the best❤️❤️❤️

  44. Jackie Queens says:

    I love the rainbow colors

  45. Jackie Queens says:

    I love the rainbow colors and obviously FOREO

  46. Sopheap Norm says:

    I love FOREO since they launched the first Luna and I recommended to all my friends and family to use FOREO LUNA .

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  49. Moon says:

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    • carly says:

      Hi there!
      Thanks for sharing! We are so happy to hear this <3 FOREO YOUnique LUNA™ 3 really is a great and exceptional product as only 100 pieces were produced and each has a unique color pattern!

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