Guilt-Free Glitter That Won’t Destroy the Oceans

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Look cute – don’t pollute!


We <3 the ocean. Like a lot. That’s why we strive to create beauty products that are built to last, rather than end up in a landfill. And why we’ve partnered with organizations like The Sea Life Trust and GreenWave to help Save the Sea.

We also love glitter. Who doesn’t? It’s fun and festive but sadly, not fish-friendly. Conventional glitter is made of microplastics that end up in the ocean, and can be lethal to wildlife. In response, scientists are calling for a ban on glitter, similar to the recent UK-wide ban on microbeads. So if you’re looking to be the ultimate trendsetter this festival season, make the switch to one of these eco-friendly glitter options and shine like one of our beloved oceans.


In Your Dreams

In addition to a plethora of other festival accoutrements, In Your Dreams also carries a range of vibrant, eco-friendly glitter options created by professional body painters. Choose from fine glitter, chunky glitter, glitter balm or even eco-friendly glitter highlighter and let your (earth conscious) inner glitter goddess shine.


Eco Glitter Fun

This purveyor of guilt-free sparkles was “born from two festival loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world.” Who knew glitter and responsibility could go hand in hand?


Gitter Revolution

With names like ‘Star Child’ and ‘Ocean Lover’, this a revolution we can get behind.



Picked up by ASOS this year, EcoStardust is bringing eco-friendly glitter to the masses. Each one is made from sustainably farmed non-GMO plant cellulose and completely biodegrades in 90 days.


Mermaid Glitter Gel by BOD

Another ASOS option, BOD’s Mermaid Glitter Gel, is like a grown-up version of your fave 90s body glitter – enriched with aloe vera and, of course, made with biodegradable glitter. They also offer a Mermaid Shimmer spray with fish-friendly glitter particles in 3 different shades and a yummy coconut scent.


According to the friends of eco-friendly glitter at ASOS, “some days call for a little extra” – and we couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t have to be festival season for you to sparkle. Just make sure to do it in a way that would make Mother Nature proud. And if you don’t want to be finding glitter in your britches for weeks to come, LUNA is the perfect way to sweep away the sparkle.

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