FOREO Issues Stark Warning To Make Skin Great Again

Today FOREO issued a stark warning to make skin great again following President Trump’s impeachment news. 

Upon reading the headlines, the Swedish skintech brand warned stressful situations can have devastating effects on the skin and with tensions in the Trump household reaching an all-time high, it’s the perfect time to remind everyone how to relieve stressed skin like a boss – or even a president.

FOREO reveals the top ways to relieve stressed skin:

  • Get active (and then cleanse): Fitting in a quick workout can simultaneously reduce stress and give you a post-workout glow. Just remember to properly cleanse skin afterwards using a device like the LUNA mini 3 to leave skin looking and feeling fresh.
  • Pamper skin: Give yourself an at-home spa session with the revolutionary UFO smart masking device. This ‘out of this world’ treatment will do wonders to whisk you away to a peaceful oasis whilst replenishing skin with cutting edge technology and ingredients.
  • Massage away tension: Facial massage is an ancient Chinese skincare ritual and one of the best ways to remove tension from the face. The LUNA 3 facial massage routines are a great way to target specific areas to firm, sculpt and destress skin.
  • Sleep on it: Not getting enough sleep can leave skin looking as tired as you feel. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night to ensure skin looks and feels rejuvenated. If you are still waking from slumber with puffiness, try an illuminating eye massage tool like the IRIS.

FOREO’s research found that combination and oily skin are more likely to suffer an increase in breakouts whereas dry and sensitive skin types are more likely to develop irritation and rashes. With the drama of the impeachment together with what appears to be visibly dry skin, one can expect Trump to experience stress-induced irritation and rashes.

Whilst the stress of impeachment is unavoidable, hopefully, Trump can take note of FOREO’s tips to put his most flawless face forward whilst trying to keep up appearances.