Follow these steps to create a refuge of relaxation and indulgence.

Your muscles are tight, your stress is overwhelming, and all you long for is a relaxing day at the spa. You want to go, but you also don’t want to break the bank. Instead, treat yo’ self by turning your home into a spa. With a little preparation and the right indulgences, you can create a quiet refuge without even leaving home. Help yourself feel refreshed, relaxed, and oh-so pampered—because you deserve it.


Step 1 – Unplug

Take a 30-minute break from your electronics. Put down the cell phone, close the laptop, and turn off the TV. The only exception? The soothing sounds of acoustic guitar or ambient music streaming from your speakers.


Step 2 – Set The Mood

The dark lighting in spas is purposefully designed to quiet your mind, so mimic the mood by putting your dimmers on or lighting some candles. To really transform your space into a spa-like haven, spray the room with calming lavender or energy-boosting eucalyptus scents.


Step 3 – Draw a Bath

Fill up your tub with warm water and sprinkle in a decadent bath soak product, like aromatic bath salts, essential oils, or a luxurious bubble bath. Don’t shy away from these lavish add-ons Feel good about your lavish bath—you deserve this.


Step 4  – Lay Out Luxuries

On a tray next to the tub, set out a chilled glass of water or a hot cup of your favorite tea. Roll up a small towel and place it in a bowl of ice water to cool your face when it gets too steamy. Keep a few cucumber slices handy to cover your eyes and really get in the spa mood.


Step 5 – Give Yourself a Mini Facial

While you’re soaking, indulge in a spa-like facial with the LUNA™ 2 professional. Its Dual T-Sonic™ pulsations delivers professional-level skin care results at home. First, apply a gentle cleanser and lightly glide the plush silicone touch-points across your face for an exfoliating, deep clean. Follow with a nourishing sheet mask and use the LUNA 2 Professional’s Anti-Aging Mode to gently massage the excess serum into your skin.

Step 6 – Add an Under-Eye Treatment

Finish off your DIY facial with a blissful eye treatment. Dab eye cream underneath the eyes and use the IRIS™ eye massager to delicately work the cream into your skin, depuff under-eye bags, target dark circles, and visibly smooth crow’s feet.


Step 7 – Bundle Up

Heat up your towel or bathrobe in the dryer and slip it on post-soak to remain warm and toasty. Finish with a savasana as you reflect on your relaxing day (and pat yourself on the back for not spending a cent).