Meet the Lovely Léa of ‘Je Ne Suis Pas Jolie’

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A French makeup vlogger goes mommy – and still makes it look amazing!

Successful Beauty Youtuber, Léa has been in a relationship with Samuel, a medical student, since high school. “He was [a] great cliché, captain of the rugby team,” she told Sam Zirah.  “All my girlfriends told me ‘He’s a womanizer, do not go’…[But] in fact, not at all.

6 years later, they’re not only still together – they’re married and have had their first baby.

“[He’s my] lover, but also and especially “best friend”, Samuel is “the man of [her] life”, the one who has always supported her: “We’ve been together for so long, he was there at first, we grew up together.”

The young influencer hasn’t let married life or pregnancy slow her down – she instead grew a huge following for her videos focusing on pregnancy and young motherhood, and we were lucky enough to speak with her about both!

FOREO: Firstly  – congratulations! Obviously a new baby is a BIG change, and even all the mommy blogs in the world can’t totally prepare you. What has been the biggest surprise – good or bad?

Léa: Thank you! Yes, becoming a mom is a big change, it’s even the adventure of a lifetime for me. The biggest surprise to me is this infinite love for a little human being we just met. It’s a feeling so powerful that it’s indescribable.

You’ve given a lot of advice for other new or expecting mothers out there on your channel, do you see yourself focusing on this permanently, or just as it pertains to your daily experiences?

L:I am passionate about everything close to or near motherhood and children in general. So it was only natural for me to address these topics on my networks. However, I do not intend to dedicate my channel only on this subject. Cooking, traveling, fashion and beauty are themes that are part of my life and talking about it is a pleasure.

Did pregnancy change your skin significantly, and has that change ‘become the new normal’?

L:I was lucky to have very beautiful hair and a beautiful skin during my pregnancy! But since a few months I have a significant hair loss due to the fall of hormones… My skin however is more balanced than before my pregnancy and I take a lot of pleasure to take care of it.

What are some life saving tips or products you would suggest for moms who find themselves with way less time now?

L:I adopted my FOREO cleaning brush for a few months now and it is a gesture that I am daily[sic]. Often I use it in the shower and it allows me to maintain my skin healthy and without impurities: a must!

Can you name one ‘mommy’ product and one ‘me’ product you’re excited to try? 

L:For [my son] Gaspard I do not have fun testing 15000 different brands. He has fragile skin and I try to favor healthy products for his care. On the other hand, I cannot wait to get him to try the FOREO ISSA mikro toothbrush when he will have his small teeth. For me, the new foundation of Beauty Blender intrigues me a lot and my soul of Beauty addict cannot wait to test it!

French women are known for looking flawless no matter what life throws at them – can you let us in on the secret?

L:I believe that no cosmetics will replace a sincere smile on a woman’s face. So my advice is to be in agreement with oneself, to learn to love oneself, to radiate without depending on the eyes of others. We are all beautiful in our own way!


The Fab FOREO Family

We’re beyond exciting to announce that Léa is the latest to take part in FOREO’s brand new ambassador program! Whether you were already a fan of her Youtube channel, Insta or blog, we hope you’ll keep your eyes peeled for her latest videos – and stay tuned for exciting new projects from her and FOREO!

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Lane Baumeister is a staunch proponent of the em-dash and made-for-TV movies

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