Mother nature is taking this time for some self-care too.

We know things aren’t easy right now for most of us. Instead of focusing on all the bad things going on, we’d like to bring a little bit of good news into our lives. We love to focus on beauty wherever we can find it. And what’s more beautiful than mother nature?

The planet is recovering

As more and more people stay indoors, the planet catches a breath. Just a few weeks of reduced human activity have already left an impressive impact on the environment. Less traffic means less pollution and less pollution means cleaner water and air. Mother nature is getting some well-deserved me-time and it’s using it well.

The air is cleaner

The European Environment Agency is monitoring air pollutant concentration on 3,000 locations across the continent. It confirmed large decreases in air pollution due to reduced traffic and other activities, especially in major cities under lockdown. Likewise, the New York Times reports drops in air pollution across the US. And NASA reports drops in China as well. Moreover, reduced air pollution is visible to the naked eye in many big cities across the world.

The water is purer

Air isn’t the only element catching a break. First, the canals of Venice got clear for the first time in over 60 years. Then, thanks to the absence of cruise ships, dolphins started returning to the coast of Italy. And now Hawaii’s beaches are cleaner than ever.

Noise and light pollution are dropping too

There’s more! Noise pollution levels dropped in big cities too. As a result, wildlife started roaming the streets again and birds have gotten creative. They’re nesting all over the place.

Life can seem a bit overwhelming for all of us at the moment. Therefore it can be quite helpful to take a deep breath and look up. Maybe you’ll see some light in the dark – especially since light pollution is down too.

Above all, take care and leave your thoughts in the comments <3