Are you still using the same sad old skincare routine from college?

2020 is the perfect time to start fresh with innovative new devices and cleansers that will keep you glowing all year long – here’s how to face the New Year with skincare confidence.

Power Up Your Cleanse

The first order of business: Don’t even think about washing your face with your hands. Your hands are covered in bacteria and when you wash your face with dirty hands, all that dirt comes in contact with your skin, causing breakouts. Your raggedy washcloth and nylon-bristle brush also harbor nasty germs that can ruin your skin.

Instead, try a plush silicone facial brush that dries quickly. The next-generation 2-in-1 cleansing and massaging system LUNA 3 is the crème de la crème of sonic face brushes. It’s made with softer, thicker, non-porous silicone, so it’s it 35x more hygienic than a nylon-bristled brush.

Choose a Better Brush

In addition to building up bacteria, nylon-bristle brushes can be too harsh for skin. The new-and-improved LUNA 3, with a 30% bigger brush head and 30% longer touch-points ensure the gentlest yet the most effective deep cleanse. The motor is also up to 2x as powerful, delivering 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute to remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and makeup residue for a healthy-looking glow. Plus, the newly optimized design is 100% waterproof and 1 full charge lasts around 650 uses.

Suit Your Skin Type

Instead of selecting a one-size-fits-all face brush that can be too gentle or too abrasive for your skin’s individual needs, pick a model that is specifically designed for your skin type. The LUNA 3 offers Sensitive, Normal, and Combination brushes so you can choose what works best for you.

Keep It Clean 

Once you find your ideal brush type, pair it with the perfect cleanser. Micro-Foam Cleanser transforms creamy texture into delicate micro-bubbles that lift impurities from deep within pores, gently purify skin, and remove excess oil. Its special formula, containing skin-replenishing amino acids and vitamin E, helps moisturize and protect your skin so it’s left feeling soft and looking vibrant.

Girl with the FOREO micro foam cleanser


Anti-Age & Enhance Product Performance

Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin, apply your usual treatments and moisturizers. Then, get the most out of your skincare routine with LUNA 3 massage mode. It activates lower-frequency pulsations that target signs of aging, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as leaving skin looking firm and youthful. It also helps your skin absorb the products and boost their benefits.

Step Up Your Skincare

What are you waiting for? Get the LUNA 3 facial cleansing and massaging device to start the new year with a clean slate.