Beauty inspiration from social media for the spookiest holiday of the year.

It’s the week before Halloween, and you have zero clue what you’re going to wear. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Break open your makeup bag and make your face the focal point of your costume. We’ve rounded up the most creative, gorgeous looks from social media for you. From sweet wood nymphs to sinister villains, each of these makeup looks are sure to make you stand out and look amazing no matter which you choose.

Pop Art Makeup

Channel modern artist Roy Lichtenstein and transform yourself into a comic book character with this super easy DIY. Pair a pink wig for an extra pop and you’re good to go.

pop art halloween makeup



Harley Quinn Makeup

With all the superhero movies out this year, you can’t go wrong with this crazy-adorable Harley Quinn makeup look. Put your hair in pigtails, and complete the look by smearing pink and blue temporary hair color on each side and you’ve got Daddy’s Lil Monster.



Constellation Makeup

This celestial look is all over social media this year. Try this intricate starry-eyed look by using white eyeliner to create galactic freckles all over your face.

(Source: @lunafortun)


3D Makeup

Using only two colors, make everyone do a double take with this mesmerizing 3D makeup.

(Source: @openmindfreesoul)


Cracked Doll Makeup

Spooky and pretty–all at the same time. Slip on a babydoll dress and turn heads with this simple cracked porcelain doll look.

cracked dool halloween makeup



Sugar Skull Makeup

We can’t have a Halloween makeup list without a beautiful Day of the Dead look! Match the symmetrical skull patterns with a candy-colored wig, and put that contour kit to work to create killer cheekbones.



Ziggy Stardust Makeup

A simple yet timeless reference, this look is a nod to the late-great David Bowie. With just a few colors and some tape, you create this eye-catching thunderbolt and become Ziggy Stardust reincarnate.

(Source: Claire Dim)


Mermaid Makeup

Whether you want to be a mermaid or just an absurdly pretty fish, here’s an easy trick you can use to recreate beautiful scales all over your face. Place a pair of fishnet stockings over your face and gently tap on your shimmery shadows. Add some rhinestones, a seashell crown, and voilà–you’re an ethereal mermaid princess.

(Source: @monicarosemua)


Black & White Marilyn Monroe Makeup

YouTube makeup artist sensation Kandee Johnson’s Halloween looks are always on point, and this black and white Marilyn Monroe tutorial is no exception. All you need is two colors, a blonde wig, and an unapologetic attitude.



Maleficent Maeup

Ever since Angelina Jolie became Maleficent, we’ve been dying to break out our makeup kits and figure out how to get those razor-sharp cheekbones and perfectly plump, dark red pout. Add an all black outfit and her signature headpiece to become the most beautiful villain this Halloween.

(Source: @mirandahedman)


Snapchat Lion Makeup

Have you always wanted to be a Snapchat filter IRL? Become the uber-popular lion filter and glam up with some glitter and exaggerated winged liner. Have your friends paint their faces as the dog and rainbow filters to become one gorgeous Snapchat squad.


Now that you’ve got these killer Halloween makeup ideas, don’t forget to wash all of that makeup off with the gentle-yet-effective LUNA™ mini 2!