FAQ™ 100 Range devices have been specifically designed with maximum effectiveness, ease of use, convenience, and safety in mind. Experience complete facial rejuvenation. At the push of a button. FAQ™ 100 Range devices deliver the combined concentrated power of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), radio-frequency (RF) & LED light therapy to key locations on the face & neck. So you can tone muscles to tighten sagging, accelerate collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and revitalize skin – all from the comfort of home.

Forget about wrinkles

FAQ™ 100 Range devices are clinically proven to reduce facial wrinkles by over 12% from the very first use. They are also clinically proven to reduce wrinkles around the mouth from the very first use.  

Those magnificent devices are clinically proven to significantly reduce wrinkles around the eyes and continuously reduce facial wrinkles over time.

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List of all clinically proven benefits

People who participate in a clinical trial reported amazing results after using FAQ devices:

– 100% Skin looks/feels more moisturized

– 100% Skin looks/feels more nourished 

– 100% Skin looks/feels supple & plump 

– 100% Skin looks/feels softer 

– 100% Skin looks/feels smoother from the very first use

– 90% Skin looks less discolored

– 100% Skin looks/feels firmer 

– 90% Age spots look faded 

– 100% Skin looks brighter

– 97% Skin looks less dull

– 97% Skin looks translucent

– 97% Skin is left with a youthful, rosy glow    

– 97% Skin has a healthy radiant glow from the inside out   

– 90% Pores are minimized     

– 100% Skin looks/feels more refined 

– 100% Skin tone looks more even 

– 97% Skin looks/feels less rough 

– 100% Skin looks/feels more energized 

– 100% Skin looks/feels stronger after just 2 weeks


Benefits are visible from the very first use

And, that’s not the end of the benefits. Because:

– 100% Skin looks less tired, and as rejuvenated as after a good night’s rest

– 100% Skin elasticity has dramatically improved

– 100% Skin looks/feels tighter 

– 100% Skin sagging has improved after just 2 weeks 

– 100% Improvement in skin condition is obvious 

– 97% Skin looks/feels younger

– 97% Overall facial contour looks more refined 

– 97% Cheekbones look more defined from the very first use 

– 100% Jawline looks sharper 

– 97% Deep wrinkles and fine lines on the skin have visibly improved 

– 93% Dark circles under the eyes have visibly improved 

– 90% Wrinkles under the eye area have visibly improved 

– 93% Expression lines have visibly faded

– 93% Crow’s feet have visibly improved from the very first use

– 93% Nasolabial folds have visibly improved

FAQ™ delivers the combined concentrated power of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), radio-frequency (RF) & LED light therapy to key locations on the face & neck

90% Forehead wrinkles have visibly improved

– 100% Skin feels 2 years younger 

97% Skin looks 2 years younger 

– 90% Skin looks and feels healthier than it has ever looked/felt

– 93% Skin tone looks/feels better than ever

Try it now because FAQ is your one-time investment for a lifetime of beauty.

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