Even if you don’t understand the science behind them, we can all conclude with confidence that volcanoes are really cool. But do you know what they do for your skin?


Even if you don’t know much about the science behind them, we can all conclude with confidence that volcanoes are really cool. Not literally, of course – the magma found in chambers deep within volcano craters reaches temperatures of up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit (or 1300 degrees Celsius).


Volcanoes are responsible for all sorts of fascinating natural phenomena: earthquakes and eruptions, super geysers and deep ocean vents. Humans have been making use of volcanic activity for centuries. American Indians in modern day northern California used mineral waters from geysers for their curative properties. Ancient Romans soaked in mineral spring baths for hours on end. And modern science has taken the powers of volcanoes one step further – now, no matter how far you live from a hot spring, you can wash with volcanic minerals every day by using the FOREO CLEANSER for MEN.


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Volcanic Hot Springs in History


Even with very rudimentary knowledge of medicine, humans figured out early on that volcanic springs offered health benefits. In the Middle Ages, people soaked in hot springs as a treatment for leprosy. By the eighteenth century, European doctors prescribed a soak to patients suffering from all sorts of ailments, from rheumatism to eczema to gout. For ages, humans have understood the benefits of mineral water for the skin.


Volcanic Minerals in Modern Science


A soak in a geothermal volcanic mineral bath sounds great, doesn’t it? But most weekends we’re a bit too busy to jet off to a volcanic hot springs resort, so FOREO has worked hard to find a way to mine hydrothermal minerals for regular use, straight out of a bottle.


As it turns out, medieval and Victorian age physicians’ hunch about volcanic waters were largely correct. Modern scientific processes can now go one step further and recover minerals from more than 2,000 meters inside volcanic hydrologic basins. Then, they are refined for use in the FOREO CLEANSER for MEN.


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Active ingredients include minerals like iron for improved circulation, magnesium for a clear complexion, copper for stronger connective tissue, calcium for speeding up cellular metabolism and silica for slowing skin cell deterioration to achieve an anti-aging effect.

The Power of Microalgae


Mining volcanic minerals from the depths of a boiling hot crater is a pretty cool place to go for skincare solutions, but FOREO didn’t stop there. They dove deep to mine the benefits of mineral water for the skin.


Turns out those beloved volcanic mineral baths of antiquity also healed and rejuvenated through the power of living organisms – a kind of microalgae that is able to survive at extreme temperatures and depths at hydrothermal vents, found near volcanically active areas.




By injecting extracts from this incredible microorganism, the FOREO CLEANSER for MEN can harness its hydrating, antioxidant and regenerative properties, as well as accelerate cell metabolism and cell oxygenation. That’s a lot of talent for such a tiny creature.


By making use of naturally innovative ingredients, the FOREO CLEANSER for MEN offers an ideal solution for powerful and deep skin cleansing as well as the redness and irritation caused by shaving. Double the benefits of mineral water for the skin and cleanse with the equally innovative LUNA™ 2 for MEN to clear away impurities, excess sebum and detoxify the skin of daily pollutants – and while you do, marvel at where the foam on your face started – deep inside a volcanic crater.


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