Why Waste? How to Repurpose Your Disposable Toothbrush in the Age of ISSA™

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You’ve upgraded to an ISSA™, but before you toss that plastic toothbrush, check out these tips for re-purposing it into a useful beauty tool.

You’re intelligent, environmentally-conscious, modern; after all, you’ve been hearing about the three “Rs” of green living since kindergarten, and you’ve made a concentrated effort to reduce your negative impact on the world around you. You’ve got your reusable grocery bags, you use eco-friendly and sustainable beauty brands, maybe you even drive an electric car, and you’ve upgraded to an ISSA™ electric toothbrush. You know how much damage such a seemingly innocuous object like a disposable plastic toothbrush can do sitting in a landfill, but you’re not quite sure what to do with that stash you’ve got under the bathroom sink.

No need to throw them out! We’ve got seven beauty hacks that put those obsolete toothbrushes to good use.

1.Exfoliate Your Lips

Few things can instantly elevate your look like a statement lip. And nothing ruins the look like dry, flaky lips showing through. When attempting the perfect bold lip, it’s important to start with a good foundation. Prep by sloughing off dead skin without shelling out for an expensive scrub. Simply apply a lip balm, and use the toothbrush bristles in small circular motions. Then, pucker up!

2.Tame Your Flyaways

There are ways to keep your hair in check, no matter the season, but on those days when your hair has a mind of its own, spray a bit of flexible hold hairspray on a toothbrush and comb down stray hairs for precision touch-ups.

3.Brush Your Brows

A good brow gel can go a long way when it comes to perfectly shaping your eyebrows. If you’re not keen on buying a brow gel, a toothbrush and a (very tiny) dab of lip balm are an excellent substitute.

4.Give Your Hair a Boost

Hair looking a little limp? If you don’t have a boar-bristle teasing comb on hand, you can use a toothbrush to get an instant lift. Working in small sections, gently backcomb the hair to add volume where you need it the most. You can add a texturizing spray for added impact.

5.De-clump Your Lashes

Toothbrush bristles can easily double as a spoolie, so when you’ve overdone it on the mascara, you can get rid of unsightly clumps quickly. Use a dry toothbrush as you would a mascara wand to gently separate lashes that are stuck together, and keep those beautiful eyes looking their best. (Note: use a new or sanitized toothbrush to prevent infection)

6.Clean Up Your Cuticles & Nails

It can be difficult to find the time (or money) to get to the nail salon every two weeks, if ever. A toothbrush could be your secret weapon to keeping nails looking interview-ready at all times. Apply cuticle oil daily to keep them from drying out, then twice a week use a toothbrush in circular motions to exfoliate any rough skin around the nail bed. You can also clean any dirt from under the nails by scrubbing with the bristles of a toothbrush, the same way you would with a nail brush.

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