Tune in to FOREO’s live-streams for extraordinary surprises, exclusive offers and A LOT of amazing skincare tips and tricks.


We have some great news! During the next couple of weeks keep an eye out on FOREO’s global and local Instagram accounts – we prepared some special treats just for you!

Live-streams’ themes

How can you create a professional spa experience at home? Why is cleansing so important? What does a proper massage do to your face? How to stay both active and beautiful while cooped up at home? Is it easy to achieve the perfect smile?

All of this and plenty more beauty, skincare, fun tips and tricks are waiting for you on FOREO’s Instagram!

Guest stars

We’re bringing some impressive guest stars to your living rooms – from dermatologists and skin-experts to makeup artists and beauty influencers. We already had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Lana Kashlan about skincare and her goals – making sure that her clients feel so comfortable in their own skin that they never have the urge to hide behind any make-up, filters or fears. What a beautiful message!

Sweet sweet deals

FOREO range

Everyone who tunes in to the live-streams will get amazing perks – exclusive discount codes, special presents with purchases and the opportunity to participate in extraordinary giveaways! Lucky winners will get some mouthwatering prizes: FOREO’s superb beauty-tech devices, cleansers, masks and serums! 

What are you waiting for? Head to @FOREO and stay tuned!