Nailed it!

Manicures are a relaxing way to treat yourself and express yourself  at the same time. If you look at any Influencer on Instagram, their nails are usually flawless in photos – it’s all about the full aesthetic: cut, shape and style. With a myriad of ways to show off your nail art, what do you gravitate towards the most? Read below to discover what your manicure really says about you!


The Half Moon

You’re trendy, playful and willing to experiment with your style from time to time. You love to show off your nails and accessorize your fingers with a range of eclectic rings. You’re also always up to date on the latest beauty trends and happy to share insights with your friends when warranted.


The Classic French

You’re feminine and practical with a minimalist wardrobe that is full of classic pieces. You care a great deal about your status and professional development, so this manicure lets you take your nails from the boardroom to a night out on the town without a second thought.


The Claws

Also known as ‘stiletto nails’, this style is for all the divas out there. You’re slightly intimidating, fierce and willing to go the extra mile to make your appearance stand out in a crowd. Claws are not for the faint at heart or the practical girls, they are a lifestyle. No one wants to mess with a stiletto manicured girl…


The Nibbler

You are a deep thinker with goals and ambitions, but a perfect manicure isn’t one of them. You bite down to your nail beds subconsciously when you are nervous and avoid over socializing, when possible. Your wardrobe is a mix of highs and lows, with a range of colors and comfortable textures to choose from depending on your mood.