This simple habit will help you have a happy morning.



If you (like me) are obsessed with your morning routine, you may have read a recent study that links the length of your morning routine to your self-esteem. It claims that the longer you spend getting ready, the more likely you are to feel badly about your appearance, and vice versa. Therefore, 22 minutes (about the time the average woman spends getting ready in the morning) signifies they are body neutral or body negative. But studies are about averages and are not one-size-fits-all: a woman’s morning routine is her personal preference and she should spend as much (or as little) time getting ready as she desires—whatever it takes to start the day off on the right foot. It should be always evolving and you shouldn’t have to fit it into a five-minute span just to prove your self-confidence. Read on to discover the importance of a good morning routine, and how I’ve found what works for me. (Main image:


It’s “Me” Time

My morning moments are practically sacred to me. My complete morning routine (from the time I wake up to the moment I walk out the door) clocks in at about 1 hour and 45 minutes. According to that study, I’m probably off the charts “body negative,” but in reality, I love to take my time getting ready for the day—it’s like my daily meditation ritual. Author’s note: my idea of meditation is scrolling through social media, drinking espresso, and using 16 beauty products (I counted) on my face every morning. But so what? It’s virtually the only time I get to spend by myself all day long—why rush through it?


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It’s Customizable

Sometimes it’ll take you five minutes to get ready and sometimes it’ll take you three hours. Instead of beating yourself up for either choice, remember your morning routine should evolve with you and your daily needs. A great way to ensure a customized routine is using personalize products. Try starting your day on a clean slate with a multitasking facial brush like the LUNA™ 2 that features both a cleansing and anti-aging mode for a quick, 2-minute skincare routine.


It Jump-Starts Your Morning

Simply having a morning routine can make you more productive. When you’re aware of the time you take to get ready each morning, you’re more likely to use your time wisely. Seriously, when have you ever been late to work when to follow your routine to a T? A mindful routine can even help establish good habits like eating a healthy breakfast and maybe sneaking in a quick workout. These small successes put you in a proactive mindset that will continue throughout the day.


It Makes You Feel More Polished

Elizabeth Taylor reportedly once said, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” While we don’t think a drink is an appropriate part of your morning routine, we couldn’t agree more with the lipstick. If you feel that makeup and a good hairstyle empowers you, take the time to swipe on a coat of kick-ass pink lipstick and curl your hair during your morning routine. When my look feels more polished, I feel more polished—which certainly helps me to focus on ideas instead of insecurities as I take on the day.

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Bottom Line: Do What Works for You

If you feel your best rolling out of bed and heading straight to work without stopping for a single look in the mirror, go for it. But if another woman prefers Kardashian-level contouring, false lashes, and meticulously painted red lips, you don’t have to accuse her of lacking self-confidence. When it comes to your prepping and primping, it’s important to do whatever you feel comfortable with and try not to judge others for their morning routines (or lack thereof).