Worth the Hype? Five Reasons to Love the UFO Smart Mask!

October 11, 2018 • FOREO Newswire / Products

5 Reasons to Love UFO by FOREO

Eyeing up FOREO’s out-of-this-world UFO smart mask? Then read on…

The most buzzed beauty launch of 2018, UFO has changed the face of masking. Combining four advanced dermal technologies – cryotherapy, thermotherapy, T-sonic pulsations, plus full-spectrum LED light – this game-changing smart mask enhances the benefits of FOREO’s complementary UFO-Activated Masks for a full facial treatment in only 90 seconds. As if that’s not convincing enough, here are five ways UFO elevates every skincare routine…


1. It’s Quick

Think of UFO as a zero-fuss alternative to traditional sheet masks. Totally mess-free, it actually enhances skin’s absorbency meaning it does a much better job of delivering all those health-boosting ingredients. But that’s not all! Further differentiating FOREO’s revolutionary smart mask from conventional sheet varieties is that it does all of that and more in just 90 seconds! That means any and everyone can enjoy all the benefits of a facial whenever, wherever. (Without spending 20 minutes under a slimy sheet of paper, that is!)


2. Quality Ingredients

Those Korean skin experts know or thing or two when it comes to beauty… So it will come as no surprise to learn that when FOREO was sourcing its seven-strong range of UFO-Activated Masks, it looked to – you guess it! – Korea! These microfiber discs are drenched in only the very best ingredients for visible results in seconds. Think a pearl-infused Glow Addict formula, collagen-rich Youth Junkie, H2Overdose with hyaluronic acid, and more. Better yet, you won’t find a trace of parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, disodium EDTA or mineral oil in any of them!



3. At-Home LED Light Therapy

UFO uses Hyper-Infusion Technology to optimize skin’s absorption of all those lovely essences and ingredients. But in addition to cooling cryotherapy, warming thermotherapy, and signature T-Sonic pulsations, this smart little gadget has another trick up its sleeve: full spectrum LED light therapy! Normally confined to the esthetician’s office, this pro-level treatment is real game-changer for at-home skincare. Using the optimal light wavelength to enhance the benefits of each mask formula, red helps promotes circulation and stimulate collagen production; green brightens and evens out skin tone; and blue kills acne-causing bacteria. How illuminating!

UFO LED Light Therapy device

4. It’s Easy To Use

Got a USB port and an internet connection? Then you’re all set! UFO is a complete skincare arsenal in one ultra-portable, lightweight device. Setting a new standard for travel-friendly beauty, not only is it USB rechargeable, it’s also super easy to unlock the mask treatment routines designed for each of the UFO-Activated Mask series. Simply open the FOREO For You app (it’s free!), scan the barcode printed on each mask pack… and enjoy 90 seconds of relaxation!


5. It’s Good Looking

UFO stands for Ur Future Obsession… and it’s not hard to see why! With a FOREO-embossed plate and intricate gold surface, all encased in super-soft, ultra-hygienic silicone, this hard-working product is seriously stylish. Heck, the not-so-humble UFO was even spotted backstage at London Fashion Week, where British designer Victoria Beckham called on its skin-boosting prowess to get some 30 models catwalk ready. Not just a pretty face, UFO makes any bathroom brighter!  

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