Do you want to share your beauty tips & tricks with us? Or do you maybe want to write about your skincare journey in the hope it will be helpful for someone else?

Some rules you need to follow as a MYSA writer:

  • The quality of the content is essential. Everything you write will be checked by our editors.
  • Your sources must be credible.
  • Images and videos should be close to a professional level.
  • The content you create for us should only appear on MYSA and social media.
  • We will give you a credit for everything you write, but you will not be able to post it elsewhere (on other blogs, portals, etc.). Still, you can share it via your private SM account.
  • You cannot put external links in your text, but you are encouraged to put links to other blog articles (old articles you have written or to articles from another category if that helps readers).

Don’t hesitate to contact us