You have only one home and it’s called Earth. Unfortunately, every year an area of rainforest the size of New Jersey is cut down and destroyed as a direct result of human activities. Callous deforestation has led to climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, and flooding. That’s why some predictions say that by 2030 there may be only 10% of the world’s rainforests left.

With the Amazon rainforest now emitting more carbon dioxide than it’s able to absorb, the “lungs of our planet” are gasping for air. In an effort to slow down the ecological crisis brought on by deforestation, FOREO joined forces with One Tree Planted and launched “Made To Last, Not Break Fast” campaign. The campaign is simple – for every order you make on our webshop, we will plant one tree.

We will plant thousands of trees

Ever since its launch in 2013, FOREO’s mission has been to make people’s lives better. A big part of that is being responsible towards the planet we call home. Our beautiful customers have reported that their FOREO products still function flawlessly even after 8 years of use. Through creating durable high-quality products, we minimize our footprint on the environment. And when it comes to sustainability, we’re not afraid to ‘get our hands dirty’ – literally. So, this year FOREO will plant one tree for every order placed during our Earth Day campaign, says Boris Trupcevic, FOREO CEO.

Despite many efforts to breathe life into the Amazon rainforest, we seem to be running out of time. However, we see hope hidden in the heart of Polylepis forest stretching throughout the high Andes. That’s where we are planning to plant thousands of trees. Polylepis forests play a crucial role in the preservation of the region’s ecosystem as they are a significant source of water that flows into the headwaters of the great Amazon.

FOREO joined forces with One Tree Planted and launched “Made To Last, Not Break Fast” campaign, committing to plant one tree for every order.

FOREO is driven by a passion for a sustainable lifestyle

Native to Andes, Polylepis forest is resilient to extreme environmental conditions growing as tall as three meters at incredible altitudes of up to 4,500 meters. Sanctuary to many vulnerable bird species, the Tropical Andes are home to 57.5 million people, with many millions more dependent on its environmental resources. Once majestic Polylepis forest stretched from Venezuela to Argentina and today in Bolivia, these thousands of years old trees are reduced to 10% of their original size.

FOREO is an innovation powerhouse heavily driven by entrepreneurial spirit and passion for a sustainable lifestyle. Rather than providing one-time treatments for our customers, we provide endless at-home treatments with premium spa-level results. Our approach to doing business is built on the same philosophy. So, rather than fixing one issue, we go to the core of the problem and implement a permanent solution. What makes this project especially close to our hearts is the opportunity to boost local micro-businesses focused on growing, planting, and managing sustainably native forests, says Trupcevic.

We want to protect California’s green canopy

While the Andes have suffered immensely due to human activities leading to deforestation, California’s Creek Fire in 2020 has shown us that nature can be just as cruel as a human hand. It is believed that the wildfire was started by a lightning strike and quickly spread due to high winds in the area leaving a total of 379,895 acres of land scorched.  

One of the places heavily affected by the fire is the beautiful forest and a tourist hotspot around Shaver Lake with as much as 3,000 acres burned. Swedish brand, in partnership with One Tree Planted, is supporting the reforestation of the area in the hope to restore its former beauty and protect California’s green canopy

We’re proud to partner with FOREO, a Swedish tech brand focused on innovation and positive impact. With their generous support of two of our reforestation projects, we are restoring forests, creating habitat for biodiversity, and making a positive social impact around the world, says Matt Hill, Founder & Chief Environmental Evangelist at One Tree Planted.

Prioritizing consumer interest over profits

Plastic is another big issue when it comes to the global transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. While we can’t completely eradicate the use of certain types of plastic due to their hygienic properties, we can make durable products that will require minimum or no replacement. Plastic toothbrushes, for instance, take over 400 years to decompose in landfills. That means every plastic toothbrush ever created since its invention in the 1930’s – still exists.

ISSA toothbrushes provide reusable, hygienic, long-lasting solutions that can reduce the consumption of personal care disposables.

It is estimated that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are used worldwide every year, while an average person will go through 300 in their lifetime. As a direct response to these alarming numbers, FOREO products, such as ISSA electric toothbrush, are designed for durability and longevity. ISSA toothbrushes provide reusable, hygienic, long-lasting solutions that can reduce the consumption of personal care disposables.

The way companies need to take a stand is very simple – by making their products last as long as possible. This is prioritizing the environment and consumer interest over profits and it’s honestly much more effective than donations or acquiring certificates to hide behind. There is a downside maybe in the short term, but in the long run there is no other way. The awareness about the practices of intentionally making products break fast is growing, especially when governments force top manufacturers to stop the intentional downgrade of battery or device performance, being only one of the examples, concludes Trupcevic. 

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