• Ensures a closer, smoother shave after 1 minute of use
  • Drives out impurities while helping to prevent razor burn
  • Protects skin's moisture barrier while deeply cleansing
  • Face feels invigorated for a fresher morning look



Winner of “Tool of the Year” by U.S. Men’s Health Grooming Awards 2014

“I immediately started to see the first results and have seen great improvements. The world’s first pre-shaving and anti-aging device dedicated to men!”



Hassle-Free Skincare That Works

Take the hassle out of shaving while still ensuring you look your best: simply apply cleanser to your face and wet the LUNA™ for MEN before turning it on. Used in the shower or before you shave, just 1 minute of cleansing conditions the skin for a smoother, more comfortable routine. Daily use revitalizes your morning look, even after a short night’s sleep, leaving you looking fresh and prepared for the day ahead.


Perfectly Tailored To A Man’s Skin

The LUNA™ for MEN channels up to 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations across the dermal layer through broad silicone touch-points tailored to suit a man’s skin. The effect is to drive out impurities, while cleansing deeply in a way that protects the skin’s moisture barrier. Not only does this refresh the look of your skin, it helps prevent razor burn and other forms of irritation.


Look Fresher and Appear Younger

Healthy-, younger-looking skin is vital in today’s world, and the LUNA™ for MEN brings a fast and easy solution to keep on top of looking after your skin. Not only does 1 minute of use cleanse deeply and effectively, the reverse side channels lower-frequency pulsations that reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. The pulsations also improve the absorption of all your skincare products; as far as personal grooming goes, FOREO’s got you covered.


An Investment For The Future

Bringing men’s skincare into the 21st century, the LUNA™ for MEN is 100% waterproof with 450 uses from a single charge. As the world’s first ever pre-shaving and deep cleansing device for men with T-Sonic™ technology, there’s no need for replacement brush heads, plus every device boasts a 2-Year Limited Warranty and a 10-Year Quality Guarantee. Investing in the future of your skin never looked so good.

Customer Reviews



  1. Been having issues with razor burn and was sick of trying all those different creams at the drugstore. The massage effect seems to be helping reduce the problems I’ve been having post-shaving. Skin is smoother and less irritated. Two thumbs up!

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  2. I am not a big believer in cosmetics (or writing reviews) but FOREO grab my attention on CES show as something that could work. But I was still surprised first time I used it before shaving with shaving cream (normally I don’t use face cleanser). Shaving felt very smooth, like shaving after 1 day even when I had a 3-day beard. Impressive!!! Long after shave skin feels fresh and smooth. Great job, I admire when someone makes something that is so different than others.
    Anti-aging have not tried, but I will, normally I have no time in the morning (always late to work).

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  3. Great product, great design…it has been only 3 days that I am using it and results are good, we will see what will be after week or two…

    Want to buy one for my wife too. Can I get any discount?

    Fast delivery too, just 2 days, but UPS have left it if front of the house, not good for 200 USD product.

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  4. Easy to use… face get’s a good clean and that pulsing massage is super relaxing. Don’t want to admit I’m getting crow’s feet around my eyes but hoping to see some changes in this area….

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  5. Use it with my morning shave. And my wife likes it, says my face is smoother. I don’t know about that, but I haven’t had any irritated skin in two weeks now, and that used to ruin half my day. Great product. Four stars from me.

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