Beard Day is celebrated on the first Saturday in September. Your beard says more about you than you imagine. And it not only serves to add contrast to the face and highlight the features, but it is an identifying sign of your style and character. Don’t know which one is ideal for you? Today we are going to help you find the type of beard according to the shape of your face and your personality and how to care for it

What type of beard suits me best?

The first step to approaching the beard style that best suits you is to identify the shape of your face. If you are not sure, stand in front of the mirror and analyze the proportions, visualizing the drawing of the contour of the face. Which figure is closest to: a circle, a square, a rectangle or an oval? 

The care, appearance and type of beard you wear reflect who you really are. Therefore, choosing which one suits you goes far beyond an aesthetic issue and becomes an extension of your personality. 

Round face? These types of beard are for you

Styling is the goal on round faces. To do this, the jaw must be highlighted, freeing the cheeks to lose volume with an angular shave in the cheekbone area. The best options: 

  • Goatee: It is a goatee that resembles the shape of a trident, separated from the mustache. Not for the timid!
  • Short Square Beard: Similar to a full beard, although with the thinner sides trimmed precisely.
  • Balbo beard: Without sideburns, the beard runs along the lower jaw line and a separate, well-trimmed mustache.
  • Anchor Beard: From the era of the musketeers! Its name comes from its shape, reminiscent of a ship’s anchor, composed of a pencil mustache that extends beyond the corner of the mouth and a goatee that reaches to the chin.

If you have an oval face…

There is no doubt, you are a lucky guy! The proportions of the oval face adapt to almost all types of beard , but we highlight the four options that you have to try yes or yes, depending on the style effect you are looking for:

  • Mustache: A mustache that completely covers the upper lip, with the ends more or less trimmed according to your tastes, is a simple and pleasant classic… that does not fail! 
  • Stubble: This is a well-trimmed beard that simulates the effect of a carefully informal stubble.
  • Horseshoe mustache: The ends of the mustache point downward, extending into two vertical lines of beard on both sides of the chin.

The ideal beard styles for a square face

When the chin does not have sufficient projection, it can be counteracted by giving more importance to the chin area, with different options: 

  • Goatee : Hair is removed from the entire face, keeping only the hair that covers the chin. The key to this option is symmetry, trying to make the cut on both sides of the chin as equal as possible.
  • Small goatee: It is a reduced version of the classic goatee, in which the block of hair is thinned, to cause the optical effect of lengthening the chin.
  • Circular beard : It requires almost daily maintenance and unites the mustache with the chin band in the shape of a circle.
  • Regal Beard : The one everyone is talking about! It is actually a combination of a classic mustache that covers the upper lip with a thin-lined goatee on the sides of the chin that does not join the mustache.

Is your face rectangular? This is your beard!

If this is your case, you should avoid a lengthening effect, so the length of the beard should be reduced at the bottom and increased on the sides; In addition, the temples should be wide and it is recommended to avoid thin profiles. The best ideas:

  • Long connected sideburns: The long, wide sideburns run along the cut of the face until they join the mustache.
  • Gunman: It’s a mustache… stylish! Point: horseshoe-shaped mustache that extends along the jaw to the sideburns, with a clear chin.
  • Chin line: A vertical line of hair that runs across the chin from the lower lip.
  • Chin band: A beard without a mustache or sideburns that surrounds the chin and frames the lower contour of the face.

How to care for your beard?

Knowing how to take care of your beard and facial skin is as important as choosing the one that best suits you. Remember, to take care of:

  • The beard: Clean it daily with a specific natural soap and dry it well. Trim it periodically and moisturize it with an oil or balm. 
  • Beard skin: Wash gently with a specific gel in the morning and evening. Afterwards, apply a gentle moisturizing treatment and gently exfoliate once a week.

We recommend that you use the FOREO LUNA 3 MEN facial cleansing brush , which will offer a sonic cleanse to clean your beard and face. You will get fresher skin, a much smoother shave and more toned skin.

Tempting, right? Now that you have identified the type of beard that suits you according to the shape of your face and what it says about you and your personality… Are you looking forward to trying more than one option?