Because your girlfriend is sick of popping the pimples you can’t reach.


The causes of acne are the same whether it’s pimples on your chin or zits on your back. But back acne – bacne – really heats up in the summertime. You’re sweating more, regardless of whether or not a workout is involved, and that sweet summer sunshine can dry out your skin. It’s the ultimate formula for breakouts, just when you most want to go shirtless. Here are a few tips to banish bacne:



After exercise, ditch your sweaty clothes ASAP and hop in the shower to rinse off bacne-causing bacteria. And while you’re at it, you’ll want to do your laundry more often in the warm summer months – sheets, towels, clothes – they’re all full of sweat.



The pores on your back are different from the ones on your face. They can handle more frequent scrubbing, so pick up an exfoliating body wash or a nice loofah and give your back a once-over every day. Just don’t overdo it – remember, you’re just trying to remove bacteria and dead skin cells, not get rid of your skin altogether.


Be Selective.

Everything from laundry detergent to shampoo and styling products can irritate your skin and clog pores. Opt for oil-free moisturizers, fragrance-free detergents, and sulfate-free soaps.



Like we said, the sun dries out your skin. All those flaky, dead skin cells can clog your pores and cause back acne breakouts. So before you hit the beach, lather up.


If you’re still struggling with breakouts, we’ve got you covered with ESPADA. You may have to ask for a helping hand when it comes to targeting those hard to reach areas, but a zit-zapping laser beats squeezing and oozing any day.