Find your inner fitness guru.

Working out at home is more difficult than we’d like. But it’s also extremely good for you. It’s great for your body, your mind and your skin. It eases anxiety and delivers feel-good chemicals. We’re all about keeping ourselves healthy and happy. That’s why we compiled a list of exercises – ranging from short and easy to long and difficult. There’s also no gym equipment involved. The only thing you need is you! And maybe a chair or two. Let’s get sweaty!

1. 7 minutes of heaven

Not only is this workout aimed at lazy girls as the title suggests, it’s also extremely apartment and knee friendly since there’s no jumping involved! It’s short and sweet – exactly how we like it. A helpful tip: do it first thing in the morning because you can do most of it while still lying in bed!

2. Who said working out can’t be fun?

Play a fun card game AND burn off some calories! This is perfect for keeping yourself entertained while staying fit. If you’re in it to win it, go for the whole deck! We believe in you!

3. 15 minutes for beginners

This full-body workout is aimed at beginners but it will make anyone break a sweat! Start with a dash of cardio, add some stretching and finish it all up with strength-building moves. It’s a great recipe for an even greater form!

4. Dance it out

Dancing workouts are a party for your body and your soul! Get moving and get grooving. Plus, who’s better than Beyonce and Rihanna to cheer you on? 

5. Keep it pumping

Jumping, squatting, sprinting, pushing and drilling – there’s no stopping you. This killer workout will really make you grind!

6. Let’s kick it up a notch

High-intensity interval training is no joke. This one is great for you and your partner or roommate. Buddy up to treat your body with an intense workout in just 20 minutes!

7. Build your body at home

This strength-building exercise might be more intense than most but at least the trainer is ridiculously hot! Don’t worry if you don’t have resistance bands – you can do the exercises without them. Let’s get to work!

8. Own it and tone it

Tone your abs and work on your core for that summer body you’ve always wanted! Stress relief is guaranteed after these body-perfecting exercises. What are you waiting for?

9. 400 calories in 30 minutes? It CAN be done

This workout is not for the faint of heart. Or body. It’s divided in three circuits and it consists of a lot of jumping, kicking and of course, sweating!

10. Tabata means serious business

Think of Tabata as the bigger, scarier brother of our beloved HIIT workouts. The intensity is higher and the rest periods are shorter. However, the results are even more mesmerizing!

Hopefully we found something for everybody, no matter your fitness level. If you don’t feel like sweating today, you can always do facial exercises. These are so much fun! As always, we’d love to hear from you. Share your favorite workouts with us in the comments and take care!