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3 Things You Can Do for the First Time Ever in Microcurrent History

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Have you been introduced to BEAR™ 2 - world’s most powerful, yet safest microcurrent device ever made? If you haven’t, make sure you correct that omission ASAP!  What makes this microcurrent device stand out on the market is the fact that FOREO’s device features four revolutionary types of microcurrent and FOREO’s patented T-Sonic™ massage. BEAR™ 2 works by stimulating your body’s natural processes to deliver long-lasting anti-aging results without any pain or recovery time.    

Why Different Video-Guided Treatments?

BEAR™ 2 comes with various video-guided treatments that target specific problem areas. These treatments combine different types of microcurrent with various massage patterns for optimized results. You can access these videos via the FOREO app whenever you like.  Find out how different types of microcurrent and different massage patterns affect your face muscles and how you benefit from it.   

Different Types of Microcurrent

BEAR™ 2 is the only microcurrent device in the world featuring four revolutionary types of microcurrent:  

Advanced Microcurrent™ - Steady current stimulates muscles to strengthen them, while tightening the skin above. 

Lifting Microcurrent™ - Repeatedly staggers current from low to high frequency, gently coaxing muscles into natural lifting, for a contoured look.   

Tapping Microcurrent™ - Quick and short waves of current flow through the upper layers of the skin, to brighten and plump.  

Sculpting Microcurrent™ - Channels microcurrent deeper into muscles to effectively tone them, for a firm & sculpted appearance.   

Different Massage Patterns

BEAR™ 2 also features the brand’s signature T-Sonic™ pulsations with the addition of different massage patterns to choose from. Each with its own specific benefit. These complementary therapies include: 

Lymphatic Drainage Massage that encourages the lymph fluids to circulate through the body. Good for around the eyes and under the jawline 

Deep Tissue Massage that uses deep pressure at slow intervals to relieve tension in facial muscles. Good for cheeks and above jawline 

Trigger Point Massage that uses alternating levels of pressure to relieve tightness in muscle tissue. Good for the neck. 

Shiatsu Massage that uses pulsing pressure to promote emotional & physical calm, and improve fatigue. Good for forehead & temples. 

Reflexology Massage that uses gentle to firm pressure to relax or restore natural energy levels. Good for the center of eyebrows & around the mouth. 

BEAR™ 2 App Guided Treatments

Total Facial Knockout - Challenge yourself with this high intensity workout for an overall toned and sculpted complexion in just minutes. 

Gentle V-Shape Yoga - Take a deep breath, relax your mind, and enjoy this gentle yoga-inspired workout, which tightens and firms skin on the neck & jawline for a natural V-shaped contour. 

Contour Cardio - Challenge your limits with this targeted cardio routine that helps reduce fine lines around your mouth while contouring your cheekbones.   BEAR™ 2 App Guided Treatments enable you to do three things for the first time ever in microcurrent history:

  1. You can select the type of microcurrent and massage pattern.
  2. You can target specific problem areas.
  3. You can choose different treatments according to your present mindset and goals of your facial workout.

Cardio, Yoga or Knockout?

What will be today’s workout? Let's see… Are you in the mood to challenge your limits with targeted cardio routine? Or maybe set the bar high and go with a high intensity workout? Or is today the day for deep breaths, relaxing your mind and enjoying a yoga-inspired workout? Whatever works for you. In any case, BEAR™ 2 will provide you with the ultimate workout and significantly improve deep wrinklesfine lines, skin firmness and elasticity in just one week.



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Sonja 04/09/2023

I was wondering how the Bear 2 is different from the original, thank you for sharing the info! It definitely helps with my decision to buy the Bear 2. I'm very excited to try it

MYSA user avatar
erika 04/09/2023

In reply to by Sonja


Dear Sonja,

Thank you so much for contacting us in regard to our brand-new BEAR™ 2.

The first thing I would like to mention is the ""Types of microcurrent"". BEAR™ has a classic microcurrent, while the BEAR™ 2 has been upgraded and has a few different types of microcurrent; 
* Advanced Microcurrent
* Lifting Microcurrent
* Tapping Microcurrent
* Sculpting Microcurrent

BEAR™ 2 also has 5 different massage options, while BEAR™ does not.
Anti-Shock System that BEAR™ 2 has is also new and improved, making it even more convenient to use.

One more difference that BEAR™ 2 has compared to BEAR is ""Treatment reminders"". Last but certainly not least, BEAR™ 2 has up to 300 minutes of use per full charge, while BEAR™ has 90 minutes.

If there is anything else you're interested in or if I can help, do not hesitate to ask! :D


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