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At-Home Microdermabrasion After Care

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Microdermabrasion recently gained extreme popularity as a way to achieve youthful and radiant skin. A lot of information about this treatment floating around the World Wide Web can feel overwhelming to absorb. That’s why we published a comprehensive guide for everything you need to know about microdermabrasion. As a sequel to that article, today we’re covering the do’s and don’ts after microdermabrasion.  

Brief Recap on at-Home Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that uses fine crystals and a vacuum to remove dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion can exfoliate the skin, reduce signs of aging, and make the skin appear more even. Usually provided by healthcare professionals, recently, with the enormous development of beauty-tech gadgets, you can find microdermabrasion devices for at-home use. Although at-home microdermabrasion is considered a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, it’s extremely important to inform yourself about every single aspect of the treatment. Firstly, we advise you to carefully read all instructions and recommendations from the brand you bought the product from. Secondly, it is vital to be aware of post-microdermabrasion care, especially about what to avoid.  

Is There Actually a Microdermabrasion Recovery Time?

As microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin's outer layer and stimulates skin's renewal, the skin in between those two steps takes some time to heal. Some articles suggest no downtime or recovery period after the treatment. We see this period as an important step in supporting your skin with care and attention to reach the treatment's full potential. It is not just about using a couple of products to prolong the treatment's result, but obtaining beautiful skin as a result of effective, carefully created after microdermabrasion skincare.  

Look and Feel After Microdermabrasion

After microdermabrasion, you can expect your skin to be pink. There is no way to say how pink it will be, as it depends on the sensitivity level and the reactivity of your skin. It may also depend on your skin being used to (or new to) these treatments (it is common that after conducting a certain number of treatments, your skin develops resistance). But don't rely on this as it is not a rule and is hard to foresee. Generally, you can expect your skin to be pink(ish) and feel dry and tight (can be compared to sunburn or windburn). That's the usual reaction that lasts for about 24 hours. 


Some can also experience light skin peeling after a day or two. Beside that temporary discomfort, you shouldn't be experiencing any other negative side effects after at-home microdermabrasion. If you find the reaction extreme or lasting longer than the brand claims to be usual, consult an expert to help you control the condition.  

How Long Does It Take for the Skin to Recover After Microdermabrasion?

One of the most annoying answers we hear when asking for specific information is - it depends. And yes, things usually depend on several factors. But, to be perfectly safe and follow a post-treatment like a true skin nerd, you'll need to take three days of extra care for your skin. This period can be split into three time frames: after 24 hours, after 48 hours, and after 72 hours.  

Dos and Don'ts After Microdermabrasion

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding microdermabrasion aftercare are: Is it safe to wear makeup after microdermabrasion? What should you put on the face after microdermabrasion at home? Can you use retinol after microdermabrasion?  


The answers to these and other questions will help you support the recovery process and experience the full benefits of at-home microdermabrasion. Let's start with the general rules:

  1. Whatever you do, do it gently. 

Treat your skin gently and carefully, both in terms of the products you use and the mechanical movements you do (such as applying products).

  1. Avoid extra steps. Stick to basic cleansing, hydrating, and protecting the skin from the sun.

Avoid anything outside the basic skincare routine for three days after microdermabrasion and leave it for after the recovery period. 

  1. Avoid any unnecessary touching, rubbing, or picking your skin. 

It is general advice, but it is important not to disturb the healing process in the days that follow microdermabrasion.  

What to Do and What to Avoid After the Treatment (in Detail)

1. Avoid sun exposure on the day of the treatment

This is one of many reasons why at-home microdermabrasion done with KIWI™ derma is an ideal solution. You can pick a quiet time of day when you’re done with work and daily errands and just stay at home and away from the sun. Additionally, you can hydrate your skin as much as you need in the safe environment of your home.  

2. Skip makeup

Although we advise against makeup on the day of the treatment, if you must put makeup on, we suggest using high-quality mineral rather than oil-based makeup. From the next day on, you can use makeup regularly; just make sure to apply an SPF before putting the makeup on.  

3. Don't wash your face, don't use cleansing brushes, towels, reusable washcloths, and cotton pads

This applies to the day of the treatment. It would help if you concentrated exclusively on hydrating your skin more than usual. Washing your face with water will not benefit the process. If you have a fatal need to clean your face on that day, use a product that can cleanse without water and make sure it is gentle to your skin. Do not use any cleansing brush, and don't use towels on your face. If you must, use extra thick, one-time cotton pads (not the reusable ones!).  

4. Avoid heavy sweating, workout and extensive heat

Sweat on your face in the first 24 hours will likely cause stinging and irritation.   

5. Apply a moisturizer with minimum SPF 30

Besides day one, when you should stay at home and make your skin your number one priority, any other day, you must apply a moisturizer with a minimum SPF of 30. Skin protection is always advisable, but it is an absolute must after microdermabrasion.


Remember to apply sunscreen generously on all areas you have treated (next to your face, it might be your neck and decollete area). Regardless of sun protection, we advise to avoid direct sun exposure for a few days after the treatment. Also, it would be beneficial to avoid direct sun exposure in the days before the treatment, at least three days, and preferably a week before the treatment.   

6. Hydrate your skin when you feel discomfort, dryness or tightness

You might have an urge to moisturize a couple of times (or even each hour) on the first day of the treatment. Both are fine and normal. Just follow your skin’s lead.  

7. Make sure to use proper products in the recovery period

You should plan this step ahead. If you have access to expert advice, that’s the shortest and most efficient way. Alternatively, search for post microdermabrasion products. You don’t need to focus on a particular brand but rather on ingredients. If you trust a particular brand, reach out and ask for recommendations.  

8. Rely on specific ingredients, such as hyaluronic acids

The number one ingredient we recommend for this period is hyaluronic acid. You might find sheet masks based on hyaluronic acid extremely useful, especially right after the treatment. As your skin could be extra thirsty after the treatment, a hyaluronic acid-soaked mask can feel like a gift from heaven. Ask around what dermatologists use after microdermabrasion, or look for brands that are pioneers in microneedling. 


As a more practical solution, SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0 can perfectly meet your need for hyaluron and ceramides and boost collagen synthesis. Ceramides, glycerin, and matrixyl, are also beneficial ingredients after microdermabrasion. Ceramides are known as therapeutic agents that improve and restore skin barrier function (and this is one of the outcomes we want to have from microdermabrasion). Glycerin is probably the most popular humectant or, simply said, moisturizing ingredient, which makes it highly wanted in after-microdermabrasion skincare. Matrixyl can give you an extra push in collagen production, which is always welcome. You might find recommendations to use natural origin ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile; we advise you to be careful with those, and by all means, do not test how they work for you after treatments like microdermabrasion.   


9. Avoid active ingredients

The list of active ingredients is quite long, but to name a few, you should avoid AHAs, BHAs, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, and vitamin C. We advise you to forget about those for at least three days after the treatment and refrain from using vitamin C products, retinoids, and chemical exfoliants at least one week before and after the procedure to avoid over-irritation. As microdermabrasion represents a form of professional strength exfoliation, avoid ingredients with exfoliation properties.   

10. Skip facial waxing, lasers, shaving, or dermaplaning

Wait for at least three days, preferably a week, before doing these treatments again.  

11. Avoid hot showers, baths and saunas

All of them are beautiful and useful but might be harmful or unpleasant to your sensitive skin after the microdermabrasion.  

12. Make sure to leave enough time before scheduling cosmetic procedures

If you are planning to book other cosmetic procedures, talk to your doctor or esthetician and ask them for recommendations on how long you should wait between microdermabrasion and any other sort of cosmetic procedure.  

13. Sleep on a clean pillowcase

Alternatively, you can put a cotton baby diaper on your pillow and change it every night. Make sure it is clean but not overloaded with detergents, softener, or any type of additionally added fragrances, such as pillowcase mist.  

14. Cut down on caffeine and avoid alcohol

As opposed to caffeine in skincare, which has positive effects such as depuffing and improving microcirculation, drinking coffee might dry out your skin, especially when your skin already feels thirsty. If you can’t resist your daily cup of coffee for a couple of days, hydrate from within by consuming extra water on top of your usual intake. If you can’t intake more water, you should cut down on caffeine. When it comes to alcohol, it is the same story but more serious in terms of dehydration and overall damage to your skin.  

15. Don't talk, just kiss aren't your lyrics these days

You can talk as much as you want, but you shouldn’t be kissed for three days following the treatment, at least not in the areas that have been treated. That goes for both kisses from other people and your beloved pets. As saliva might contain bacteria we don’t want around our skin after microdermabrasion, we should avoid that kind of contact during recovery. There are associations between oral health and skin diseases, so it is better to be safe than sorry.  

Everyone’s Skin Heals Differently

Observe your skin after the treatment. You can even put a few notes down to remember it for the next after-treatment period:

  • What was happening during the three days of recovery?
  • What made you feel better?
  • What might not have worked for you?

Two treatments and periods after them are not usually 100 percent alike. They can also depend on factors like a menstrual cycle or a condition in which our skin is at the moment. Still, some insights can be helpful and applied regularly after each microdermabrasion treatment.  


If you experience severe irritation, don’t wait for long before seeking an expert opinion on how to treat the condition. Once you find a product that fits you perfectly, stick to it. By all means, don’t do any experiments in this period, such as trying out new products. Avoid playing around with natural ingredients unless you know for sure they work for you. Treat your skin with extra care and enjoy the full benefits of microdermabrasion.



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