FOREO BEAR™ 2 is out and so is the world’s first microcurrent facial device featuring 4 different types of microcurrents. At the same time, it’s the most powerful, yet safest facial microcurrent device there is. 

And there is so much more about BEAR™ 2 that makes it unique among the microcurrent devices tackling skin firmness.

Revolutionizing Microcurrent Space

There are many different microcurrent devices on the market, but not all are created equally. Just three years ago, FOREO revolutionized microcurrent space with BEAR™. What it has done now is truly remarkable since BEAR™ 2 features are not seen with any facial microcurrent device ever made. If you want uncomplicated skin tightening, this device will exceed your expectations – without pain, uncertainty, recovery time, and endless money investments.

BEAR™ 2 – the Ultimate Alternative to Facelift and Botox

FOREO is designing its products in a way that they don’t interfere, but wake up and support our skin’s own healing processes in order to achieve healthy and beautiful skin, both short and long term.

If you’re not ready to sacrifice your blood (quite literally), spend a ton of money and time on secret recovery “only” to wipe out a few years of your face, the microcurrent treatment at home is what you are looking for. 

Clinically Proven to Deliver Results in Just One Week

BEAR™ 2 is a safe, painless, and non-invasive alternative to facelift and botox. Clinically proven to significantly improve deep wrinkles, fine lines, skin firmness and elasticity in just 1 week! And there is absolutely none of the potential complications involved in invasive cosmetic procedures.

What Makes BEAR™ 2 the Best Possible Choice?

The Most Powerful Microcurrent Device Ever Made

Where should we start? Let’s go through the obvious. For starters, BEAR™ 2 uses the power of 680 uA and has ten adjustable intensities. Looking at four largest competitors, the next best one to FOREO has up to 425 uA and only five adjustable intensities. 

Featuring 4 Different Types of Microcurrent

BEAR™ 2 features four revolutionary types of microcurrent, as opposed to all the other devices managing a single type of microcurrent. Advanced™, Lifting™, Tapping™ and Sculpting™ Microcurrent are all patented by FOREO, each with a specific scope of benefits for the skin.

Anti-Shock System™  and T-Sonic™ Massage 

BEAR™ 2 features two technologies patented by Filip Sedic, FOREO’s Founder and Chief Innovation Office, the owner of more than 200 international patents across multiple categories. A new and improved version of Anti-Shock System™ is a patented technology unique to FOREO devices that enables the device to measure how moist or dry your skin is at a rate of 200x per second, to determine your skin’s resistance to current. BEAR™ 2 very slightly adjusts the microcurrent within your chosen intensity level to best suit each square millimeter of your skin. 

The ‘T’ in T-Sonic™ is short for transdermal – named so because these pulsations travel through the outer layers of skin. The T-Sonic™ pulsations gently massage the face – and when directed onto wrinkle-prone areas, they help to relax facial muscle tension points and smooth the appearance of expression lines. They also improve microcirculation and lymphatic drainage to improve pigmentation, increase radiance and reduce puffiness. And they increase the absorption of the skincare you apply during and immediately after your treatment – thus enhancing its efficacy.

Number of Uses per Full Charge

Excluding one competitor that isn’t USB rechargeable, the number of uses per full charge is very different among the brands.

FOREO is winning in the category of how long the device can be used per full charge, its BEAR 2 having 300 mins of use on disposal.

100% Waterproof

As a cherry on top, BEAR™ 2 is 100% waterproof – only one other competitor has the same characteristic, however the product is not comparable to FOREO in any other aspect.

Conductive Gel

Microcurrent devices like BEAR™ 2 must be used with a conductive serum.  For optimal results, we recommend using FOREO SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0 — developed specifically for use with FOREO’s microcurrent devices, and clinically proven to significantly increase type one collagen production.


Instead of thinking of microcurrent devices as alternatives to facelift and botox, we can actually say that those two are alternatives to the safest, most powerful, non-invasive, painless microcurrent treatment in the world, also known as BEAR™ 2.