The Best Advice Your Boss Has Ever Given You

October 30, 2015 • Live Well / Career

meryl streep

These tidbits of career wisdom will give you what you need to get ahead


We spend a lot of time complaining about the negative people in our lives, but instead of staying bitter about the bad boss or two we’ve all inevitably been subjected to at one point or another, focus instead on the kind of people who’ve truly helped you to improve yourself and excel in your career or even your personal life. In an effort to emphasize the positive, we’ve collected the best advice we’ve received from bosses past and present. See if these tidbits of wisdom can’t help you, too. 



          “Work hard, play hard, and be nice!”   twitter button

Kim, Physician’s Assistant



“Underpromise, overserve.”  twitter button

Chelsea, Writer



“Job security is not knowing you will always have your job, it’s knowing if you lose your job you are talented and smart enough to get another!” twitter button

Talia, College Student



“Perfect your communication skills… How you articulate something may be more important than what you are saying.”twitter button

Penny, Insurance Agent



“Smile… This job is too difficult to do without humor.”twitter button

Dorian, Former Teacher Studying Law



don draper




“Do things that are outside your comfort zone. That’s where your best growth happens.” twitter button

Emily, PhD Student




“Be patient with your colleagues:

they can make your day wonderful or horrible.” twitter button

Chiara, Founder & CEO at La Holista



“A good leader is hard-headed and soft-hearted.” twitter button

Kristyn, President of Property Management



“Be flexible.” twitter button

Cynthia, Mother



“Don’t come with problems, come with solutions.” twitter button

Jaclyn, Hospitality Manager



harvey specter




“#1: No matter what the issue – never burn a bridge. Hold your tongue.

#2: It’s always better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

#3: Don’t talk salary with coworkers.” twitter button

Jen, Finance Director



“Don’t worry about other people. What matters most is you have improved from yesterday.” twitter button

Alex, Credit Analyst



“If you treat your job like it is just a paycheck, you will be miserable. If you come to work every day thinking that you can learn something new, you realize that you are getting paid to improve yourself.” twitter button

Holly, Recruiting Coordinator



“Always act in the interest of the brand; ignore biased comments/suggestions from people that are only looking out for themselves, because at the end of the day, only you can do your brand justice.” twitter button

Nancy, Innovation Specialist



claire underwood



“Tell the truth that needs to be told: Not all true things need to be said. There are many different ways to truthfully say something that must be said – pick the appropriate one.” twitter button

Christopher, Foreign Affairs Specialist



“Be polite with people while you rise to the top. You will meet them again when you fall down.” twitter button

Peter, Art Director



“Learn when to say no, it is a lot harder to do than yes.” twitter button

Sam, Winery Export Manager



“You don’t always have to try to be the smartest guy in the room.” twitter button

Scott, CEO & Cofounder of Classy


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