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Loving Scrubbing: Exfoliating Even With Sensitive Skin

Ingredients to create a gentle face scrub
You don’t have to give up all the benefits of exfoliating just because you have sensitive skin. We’re sure you’ve heard all about how great exfoliation is for your skin, especially if you want a selfie-ready complexion. However, when you tried it, you were left looking like a red blotchy balloon, and with a dry itchy feeling, that's even to drive anyone insane. If you recognize yourself in any of the above categories, chances are you either went way overboard with the exfoliating, or you have sensitive skin. The good news is that this doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to exfoliating forever. In fact, quite the opposite; we’re here to show you how you can enjoy gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin. [caption id="attachment_6135" align="aligncenter" width="1199"]Exfoliating scrub on hand For the sensitive skin type, we recommend exfoliating no more than once a week, so that you don't irritate and dry out your skin too much. [/caption]

More Isn’t Always Better

The first rule of thumb when it comes to exfoliating sensitive skin is the frequency with which you use it in your skincare routine: for the sensitive skin type, we recommend no more than once a week, so that you don't irritate and dry out your skin too much.  The most important thing is to keep track of how your skin reacts, and then you can decide whether or not you can up your exfoliating dosage!

What's In Exfoliating Products For Sensitive Skin

The second most important factor would be the formula you are using: steer clear of any harsh scrubs with rough granules, as these will just aggravate your skin more. Instead, look for formulas containing super nourishing creams. Here are our 2 picks for exfoliating scrubs that work wonders for sensitive skin types.

DIY Scrubs Made Easy... We Promise

Exfoliating at home scrubEven though some of these exfoliating products can be found for fair prices, we totally understand if you don’t want to be dishing out extra money on your skincare routine. Luckily, exfoliating scrubs are so easy to make even from the comfort of your own home. Recipes can range from pretty simple, to a little bit more demanding (in terms of ingredients). But, most of the time, they’ll call for typical household kitchen items (ie. honey mixed with fine brown sugar). You’ll notice that it is almost always a combination of one more abrasive ingredient (sugar, salt, coffee grounds, oats), combined with a more moisturizing ingredient (coconut oil, honey, etc). If you don’t feel like winging it, you can find tons of great recipes online specifically about exfoliation for sensitive skin.

Exfoliation Aftercare For Sensitive Skin (It's Important)

Once you’ve sloughed away all that dead skin that was clogging up your face, it's time to get to the aftercare. No matter how soft and hydrated your exfoliating scrub makes your skin feel, you always need to top it off with some moisturizer. With sensitive skin, you need to make sure you're always on your moisturizing A-game because your skin can dry up all too easily. For the best exfoliating experience, moisturize immediately afterward, and for those of you looking to go the extra mile definitely include some sunscreen into the post-exfoliation routine. A wise woman once said "protected skin is happy skin", and that woman was me...right now.  Now that you know you too can experience the joys of having baby-soft skin thanks to exfoliating we have nothing more to say than: get on it! Whether you decide to go store-bought or make your own homemade scrub infused with love that's entirely up to you, but either way you won't stop touching your face and feeling how smoooooth it is after every wash.

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