Makeup as dark as your soul.

Whether it’s for Halloween or rocking a spooky aesthetic 365 days a year, achieving a flawless gothic-chic look without going over the top can be hard. For those looking take their make-up to the dark side, or spice up any Halloween costume, we’ve got the steps to get you there.


Before getting down with your grunge self, make sure to cleanse your skin properly. By using a sonic facial cleanser such as the LUNA 2, you’ll have a clear palette to paint your gothic masterpiece on.


Step 1:  For a 90’s goth look that will last, be sure to start by moisturizing your face with your favorite face cream.


Step 2: Get in touch with your dark side by filling in your brows using an angled brush and a dark eye shadow powder or brow gel.


Step 3: Accent your brow bone by applying a highlighter or light shimmery eyeshadow under the brow, tracing it from arch to end.


Step 4: To get a sultry, yet edgy look, apply a matte taupe shade of eyeshadow to the crease of your eyelid. Next, go over the lid with a dark grey or deep purple shade. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a shimmery cream shadow.


Step 5: Apply a thick layer of black liquid eyeliner to the upper eyelid, to intensify the color of your eyes. You can also achieve this with the help of an applicator or angled brush and eyeliner gel.


Step 6: Grab your most lash-luscious mascara and apply a generous amount to your upper and lower lashes, making them look long and strong.


Step 7: After giving yourself some bold eyes, add a primer to the rest of your face and then apply your preferred foundation and concealer under your eyes.


Step 8: Apply bronzer to your cheekbones lightly, followed by a highlighter on the top of cheekbones and center of the nose.


Step 9: Give yourself a dramatic dash of color in your cheeks by applying a dark shade of blush.


Step 10: The most important step to completing your gothic look is lipstick. Start by applying an ultra-dark purple or black lip liner around the top and bottom lips. Then, fill in your lips with the corresponding dark lipstick or lip stain.


Pro Tip: To set your look in place all night long, be sure to use a makeup setting spray!


No go on and be your edgy self.