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Need Ice for That Burn? Here’s How to Treat Your Razor Burn

Razor too dull? No time to prep your skin? Or maybe you just pressed too hard. Either way, you now have razor burn, so here’s how to treat it (easily). While the reasons for getting razor burn are varied, getting rid of razor burn is usually as simple as applying the correct products to help your skin get back to its best in no time.

All you need to do is apply one of the following directly onto areas affected by razor burn:

[related_article id="1320" float="right" target="_blank"]Aloe vera - You can use the gel found inside the leaves of an aloe vera plant, or apply aloe-vera-based lotions to restore moisture, provide pain relief and speed up healing. Aspirin - Aspirin can calm the burning, painful sensation that comes with razor burn when applied topically to skin that’s inflamed. To do this, make a paste from crushed-up aspirin by adding a bit of water. Cold pack - Anything cold will restrict blood vessels to slow down blood flow, reducing redness and inflammation. Mild hydrocortisone cream - Use a 1% hydrocortisone cream, available over-the-counter. This will lessen redness, irritation and stinging. Moisturizer - Moisturizers will bring hydration back into the skin, relieving itchiness. Look for moisturizers that contain soothing ingredients as well, such as tea tree, lavender and witch hazel, as they help to calm inflammation.

Tips on preventing razor burn from getting worse:

  • Avoid products that contain alcohol, as they can further dry out the skin.
  • Don’t touch or scratch the area, while making sure you keep it clean
  • If you can, try not to shave for a few days, as your skin needs time to heal.
The suggestions above go a long way towards getting rid of your razor burn so you can look and feel good for the day ahead. However, if your razor burn doesn’t abate for a few days, you should see your physician as it could be an allergic reaction or an indication that something else is wrong with your skin.  Either way, the most important thing is to take action and not settle for discomfort when the solution is closer than you think.   Disclaimer: The information on this website and any related links are for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional advice. Do not use the information on this website for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem, contact a professional healthcare provider.

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