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How to Fall In Love With Your City Again


Discover new places right at home.

It’s 5 p.m. on Friday. You get off work, take the same route home for the zillionth time, and step into the familiarity of your cozy apartment. You trade your pumps for slippers, and while your leftovers are heating up in the microwave, you hear the comforting “hello” of Netflix greeting you after a long day. And then you realize this routine is exactly what you’ve done for the past five Fridays.

If you’ve lived in your city for a few years now, it’s natural to feel safe and comfortable in your routine. Why try new things when you already know what you like? But sometimes it can be difficult to realize you’re in a rut, let alone get out of it. If you’ve been feeling like your daily activities have been a bit monotonous lately, read on for some fresh tips on how to fall back in love with your city.

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Run a New Route

Skip the fluorescent lights of the gym and hit the pavement for your workout instead. If you already run outdoors, you’d be surprised by what you can discover just by going down a different path. Not only will you be getting some fresh air, but also a fresh perspective. Maybe you’ll find an adorable new restaurant to come back to with your special someone, or a hidden gallery with a beautiful art collection. If you don’t know where to start and want a more structured path, check out Runkeeper to find popular routes and neighborhoods.


Play Tourist

How many New Yorkers have been to the Statue of Liberty? Or San Franciscans to the SF MoMA? If you’re a long time resident of your city, chances are you haven’t gone to some of the most famous landmarks, even if they’re just a few blocks away. Grab a friend or a good playlist and head towards these inspirational places–after all, they’re famous for a reason.


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Go on a Food Tour

Food, glorious food. Why is it that we always tend to gravitate towards the same five restaurants throughout the week? Maybe it’s habit, or maybe it’s just monotony. Either way, ditch that for a delicious adventure in search of some new favorite spots. If you need a place to start, check out food blogs or Yelp. If it feels like too big of a commitment to completely change your culinary habits, try picking a theme (e.g. ice cream...or donuts...or both) and spending an afternoon exploring the three most famous spots in your city.


Take a Staycation

Simply living in a different part of town can give you a brand new point of view. If there’s a luxurious hotel in that trendy neighborhood you’ve been lusting after, take the plunge and book it for just one night. Take a friend if you want to split the cost, and spend the afternoon relaxing at the hotel pool, and the evening exploring the area’s restaurants and bars. If a hotel is too stuffy for your taste, check out Airbnb for the most unique listings around you. It could be a rustic tree house nestled near the woods, or a modern loft with a panoramic view of your city’s skyline. Whatever your style, trying a staycation will remind you that no matter where you are there is always something new to try. By looking at your own city with fresh eyes, you’ll come to realize that anywhere can be an escape–even your own backyard.


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