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Best Organic Exfoliants For Healthier Skin

organic exfoliants
No matter if you are a skincare junkie or you are new in this world, you have heard of exfoliation, a gentle scrubbing that gives you smoother, firmer, and softer skin. And you probably already have some organic exfoliants at your home that are perfect for gentle facial treatment.

Organic exfoliants reduce breakouts

If you are not the biggest fan of chemical exfoliants, then look in your kitchen for coffee, turmeric, oats, or even yogurt and sea salt for so-called mechanical exfoliation. This process is very important for your skin health since it moisturizes damaged skin, promotes new cell growth, and reduces breakouts. No matter which one you choose - chemical or mechanical - you will notice the difference after the first treatment. Your skin will be smoother and softer! But, before you include this step in your skincare routine, remember that the most important part of it is to use gentle, non-abrasive exfoliants. Also, listen to your body. If you start noticing any redness or irritation, stop with exfoliation and consult a dermatologist for personalized advice. organic exfoliants

Coffee exfoliates and reduces wrinkles

Speaking of organic exfoliants, one of the most important is the one you probably can’t live without - coffee. While some physical exfoliants are rough, finely ground coffee is much gentler. Also, caffeine in coffee is a great weapon against wrinkles and fine lines. Make a thick coffee & coconut oil paste and gently apply it to the face. And don’t forget to enjoy it! If you like using natural ingredients in your skincare routine, check out what are the best autumn ingredients for DIY face masks!

Choose oats if you have dry skin

Oats are also great physical exfoliants. They are gentle to your skin, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. You can mix them with honey and enjoy all the benefits those ingredients give you. Or you can just mix them with water and apply them to the face with your fingertips. It is very important to use organic oats. In that way, you will be safe from pesticides or chemicals. The great thing about oats is that they absorb oils, so while you exfoliate, you will clean your face as well. organic exfoliants

Yogurt is your way to dewy skin

If you didn’t know, yogurt can do magic to your skin. Lactic acid makes this organic ingredient (that everyone has in their fridge) one of the most gentle exfoliants. Applying a DIY yogurt face mask to your face will end with more vibrant and dewy skin. Yogurt is a beauty multi-tasker you should start to use in your skincare routine. Besides its exfoliating properties, yogurt prevents premature aging, fights acne, relieves sunburns, and much, much more.




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Amanda 14/10/2021

These are some useful tips! What would be a good substitute for the coffee mask if someone is allergic to coconut oil for example?

MYSA user avatar
Wilsonna 22/10/2021

Oats sound like a good ingredient for me, I have combination skin with really oily areas so I need something to absorb the oils. Great tips


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