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Peptide Serums: Superheroes in a Bottle

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Step up your beauty game, ladies and gentlemen, and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through the fascinating world of peptides. These tiny molecules are like the superheroes of our body, working their magic behind the scenes to keep us healthy, vibrant, and full of life. So, get ready and discover the amazing benefits of peptides! 

What are peptides?

A peptide is a chemically bonded chain of amino acids. They truly are our superheroes, with all of their benefits. They put in a lot of effort to repair damaged skin cells and notify the body to create more collagen. Not only that, but they have antioxidative properties that help neutralize the damage caused by our regular exposures. They are our overachievers and multitaskers, offering a wide range of benefits. Isn't that amazing?

Types of peptides

Copper peptides

This is one of the most frequently used peptides in skincare and hair care products. Copper peptides enhance blood flow to the hair and skin, stimulating the flow of oxygen and increasing overall skin and hair health. Copper is also important for hair color maintenance and prevents hair from eventually turning gray. Just what we need!

Signal peptides 

Another common peptide found in beauty products. Its ability to send signals to cells in various places of the body in order to increase collagen formation, makes your skin look younger in the process. This sort of peptide can be found in a variety of serums. 

Enzyme inhibitor peptides

These peptides smooth the muscles around your face and neck areas, helping to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This is possible due to the enzyme inhibitor peptide's ability to reduce the production of a certain protein that leads to wrinkles and lines. No more worrying about aging signs because peptides are coming to the rescue! https://www.foreo.com/mysa/focus-bear-rejuvenated-skin-without-surgery/ Now that we've learned the fundamentals of peptides, let's move on to peptide serums and see what benefits they offer.

Peptide serums 

Think of peptide serums as your entire glam squad, preparing you for your big moment on the red carpet. A small magic potion powered with all the benefits you can give your skin, which, after all, is what it deserves. 

Peptide serum’s functions

Barriers of protection

The skin's natural barrier protects it from UV radiation, germs, toxins, and other dangers. This barrier is unfortunately weakening due to harsh exfoliation, being exposed to some toxins, and even not getting enough sleep. Peptide serum helps build up this barrier, safeguarding your skin from the numerous dangers we expose ourselves to. 

Increased collagen production

Collagen production declines as we age. Because of decreased collagen production, our skin begins to sag and age, making us appear older. That is why peptides help the skin to create more collagen, a protein that the body naturally makes. With the help of a peptide serum, fine lines and wrinkles are filled in, making the person appear more youthful.  https://www.foreo.com/mysa/journey-to-beautiful-skin-with-foreo-from-beauty-tech-to-skincare/

Increased skin elasticity

In addition to promoting collagen production, peptide serums care for another protein: elastin fiber, which is essential for the skin. By creating more elastin, your skin will appear tighter and firmer, as if you had a professional treatment. 

Reducing inflammation

If you have hyperpigmentation, peptide serums will become your best friend. It will balance out your skin tone and remove all hyperpigmentation in seconds. 

Treating acne and breakouts

Oily skin and acne can be extremely irritating over time, especially if they are not properly taken care of. Peptide serums have anti-microbial characteristics that can rid the skin of acne-causing organisms. Getting rid of acne has never been easier! https://www.foreo.com/mysa/revamp-your-skincare-routine-for-summer-6-essential-tips-by-chris-luckham/

How to use peptide serums?

Whatever your skin care routine is, you can always incorporate a peptide serum of your choice into it. Just make sure you apply it straight to your face after thoroughly washing, cleansing, and exfoliating it. This ensures that your skin is completely clean and that your peptide serum glides on effortlessly. Don't forget to add moisturizer after. Enjoy!

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