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Shine a spotlight on a hero from your life. Our heroes don’t wear capes or have superpowers to lift things up, but they lift our hopes and spirits that tomorrow will be a better day. A simple thank you can mean a thousand words to our heroes who take that risk to step outdoors to support our communities during this pandemic.

Heroes Are Everywhere

All those risking their lives to help save others, whether they are police officers, in the medical field, grocery store employees or delivering food or mail, every single person working right now is a hero. Everybody helping right now are heroes. Every single person taking care of someone is a hero. Heroes are everywhere. And we want to thank them for it.   [embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/B-ovBcHn9wm/[/embed]


To thank the heroes from your own life, share a picture of them in your Instagram story and tell us about their ongoing battles. Make sure to tag your hero and us @FOREO and use the #ThankTheHeroes in order to let us share your stories and help you thank these amazing people. We want to honor our heroes and make them feel appreciated around the world!

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