The Urge to Splurge – When to Resist

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Wondering when to pinch pennies and when to make it rain?


From makeup to skin care to hair styling, some beauty buys are worth the dough, and some just aren’t. We’re here to help you tell the difference.



Sunscreen: Save

If you use sunscreen as often as you should, you’re going through a lot of it, so it’s best to keep it cheap.


Facial Brush: Splurge

A sonic facial cleanser is the fastest route to complexion perfection, so treating yourself to a luxurious version like the LUNA 2 is a definite yes. For those with champagne taste on a beer budget, the LUNA play range has all the same benefits for less than your weekly Starbucks tab. 


Moisturizer: Save

Moisturizing is an important step in the process of maintaining your skin. But unless yours is very sensitive or very dry, you’ll be just fine using a drugstore moisturizer.


Body Lotion: Save

No matter how much you want that chocolate souffle-scented body butter, it probably won’t hydrate your skin any better than the drugstore brand lotion. Alternatively, you can get major moisture without any chemicals & save a couple bucks with a natural oil, like coconut.


Serum: Splurge

Do you layer your skincare products? If you don’t, you should. And if you do, a serum is the first step. It’s what your skin will absorb the most of, so make sure to get some high-quality youth juice.



Mascara: Save

Spoiler alert: there’s not much difference between high-end formulas and discount makeup when it comes to mascara. And since you need to replace them at least every 3 months, an affordable brand is the way to go. L’Oreal Voluminous is a personal fave and a steal at only $8.


Foundation: Splurge

When it comes to foundation, you definitely get what you pay for. Finding a formula that won’t make you break out or end up looking like an Oompa Loompa will require spending a bit more, but having a flawless base is worth every penny.


Hair Care

Hot Tools: Splurge

When it comes to hair styling, the goal should always be to minimize damage. So whether you need an army of appliances to tame your mane or just one, it’s worth the investment. We’re nuts about the NASA-level engineering of the new Dyson dryer.


Hairspray: Splurge

Cheap hairsprays often have a high alcohol content, which can be drying to your hair. Get a formula that will lock in moisture and protect every little fragile strand.


Dry Shampoo: Save

This shower-saver may be the best thing since sliced bread, but most dry shampoos are just baby powder with fragrance. So save yourself some major cash with a stroll down the baby care aisle instead. Cornstarch is another oil-absorbing option if you can’t stand that baby-fresh smell.

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