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Beauty ads with a message - our top picks!

Today we celebrate diversity, creativity and all things cruelty-free. Lucky you, we prepared a list of our favorite beauty ads in recent years to fuel your imagination for the day. These are not just your regular shmegular ads. Real creativity is defined by its contribution to society. And these ads promote wonderful things.

Malin + Goetz: Look better with the years

Malin + Goetz is a New York skincare brand with a cruelty-free philosophy focused on natural ingredients, advanced technology and modern design. “Look better with the years” campaign was designed by a student at the Miami Ad School in Berlin. It’s refreshing to see a campaign that makes us rethink old age. Instead of trying to keep our youthful look, why not focus on looking even better? Just look at Mario and his pals - the glow up is real!

Dove: Perception Palette

Dove was THE brand to change the course of beauty advertising so no wonder they managed to get on the list. When they launched their “Campaign for Real Beauty” back in 2004 it was a real game changer. The brand quickly adopted this new attitude and turned to inclusivity and natural beauty. This ad turns their signature soap bar into “makeup” to remind us once again that beauty is all about perception. Whether you like wearing makeup or not, washing it off is the important part - your skin will appreciate it. 

Lavera: Liquid eyeliner campaign

Vegan makeup may be on the rise but the fight to end animal testing in cosmetics rages on. Lavera’s liquid eyeliner campaign is an amazing example of utilizing creativity to promote cruelty-free products.

Toni&Guy: Posters with style

Hair is often the center of attention when we talk about diversity. European hair was regarded as a standard in the advertising industry for decades but lately things are looking up. Toni&Guy took a traditional medium and used it to showcase that hair comes in endless possibilities and all of them look stunning.

L’Oreal: This Is An Ad For Men

L’Oreal knocked it out of the park with this one. Combining their world-famous slogan, iconic makeup and data from three different studies proved to be the formula for success. This campaign launched in Germany where men dominate the management and executive boards with astonishing 91.4%. L’Oreal exhibited studies which prove that women belong in the leadership roles too. With more women in management positions profitability increases. They perform 24% better in management reviews and help develop more innovations - 20% more patents per year. We really are worth it.



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YouTube Se Paise 26/04/2020

Amazing post. Thank you for sharing with us.

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FOREO 28/04/2020

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Thank you so much for reading! :)


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