Fulfill your skin’s deepest desires.


Perfect skin is few and far between. However, once we start putting in the work our skin needs and deserves, we start to notice the changes. But what if you’re not sure what your skin needs? Or you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, FOREO is coming to the rescue as always! We curated exquisite bundles for a whole array of skin concerns.

Superb beauty-tech, magnificent devices, life-changing serums and outstanding cleansers are all coming together at an incredible value. How do you pick the perfect bundle for you? By solving this quiz and finding the thing your skin craves the most! Good luck 😉


What’s your favorite part of your skincare routine?

How does your face feel after your routine?

How dry is your skin?

The Best Treatments for Dry Facial Skin

What’s your favourite skincare product?

What is your biggest concern when using a new product?

How often do you use face masks?

What's your biggest skin-care goal?

girl puting a cream on the face

How often do you get breakouts?

What is your skin craving right now?
Biggest craving: A Clean Slate

Girl looking in mirror at stressed skin

Breakouts seem like a big concern for you and your skin. Worry no more, exceptional bundles are coming to the rescue! "Clear Winner" brings together ESPADA & LUNA fofo for breakout-free skin and an amazing skincare routine! Or try a cleaner regime with "Picture Perfect" - an exceptional bundle where LUNA fofo and the superb Micro-Foam Cleanser do their magic!
Biggest craving: In Need For A Routine

We get it. Setting up and sticking to a skincare routine is harder than it looks. That's why we created beautiful bundles to inspire you and help you nail your skincare! "Clean Regime" has everything you need to get started - LUNA mini 2, Micro-Foam Cleanser and Silicone Cleaning Spray. Or if you're the type that's always on the go, try "Mum’s The World" with LUNA go, Micro-Foam Cleanser and Silicone Cleaning Spray. In case you'd like to spice up your oral care too, there's "Play Date" which comes with LUNA mini 2 and ISSA Play for cleaner skin and brighter smiles.
Biggest craving: Anti-Aging

Woman applying skincare cream to cheek

Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles with a little help from a bundle or two! “Papa Bear” bundle comes with the mighty BEAR device and the miraculous SERUM SERUM SERUM. Baby Bear contains BEAR mini and SERUM SERUM SERUM while “Picture Perfect” comes with LUNA 3 and of course, SERUM SERUM SERUM. The power of antioxidants and facial toning will abolish all aging signs!
Biggest craving: Stepping Up Your Skincare Game

You're the skincare queen or king indeed! You love indulging in pampering sessions and glorious treatments. That's why we have unbeatable bundles just for you: "Mama Mia" with LUNA fofo and IRIS, "Picture Perfect" with UFO and LUNA mini 2 and "Ms. Daisy Fresh" with UFO, IRIS and Make My Day face masks. Your ultimate glow up is just a click away!

Check out all of our bewildering bundles and fulfill all your skincare dreams!